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WHAT IS AGILERATES? is a FREE insurance comparison website that provides custom, accurate quotes from top insurance companies in the US.

We are proud to be a trusted destination to compare insurance quotes with ease. We'll match you with a company that can provide the best auto and home insurance coverage in your ZIP code. Compare quotes to find the best plans for the lowest prices.

AgileRates makes it easy to shop around for the best price

Over 70 insurance companies compete for the opportunity to quote your next policy. Compare quotes from multiple companies in your ZIP code, and pick the best home or auto insurance company for you!


We work with the top home insurance and auto insurance agencies and carriers across all 50 states

We partner with companies that deliver great customer service, low rates, and affordable coverage. Our partners are a mix of nationally recognized top insurers and the best local carriers and agencies in all 50 states. That way, you get the best possible deal in your neighborhood.


We make it easy to compare quotes in home insurance and auto insurance

Comparing quotes is the best way to save money on home or auto insurance. But it can be hard to find the time to call multiple insurance companies to get a quote. AgileRates makes it easy to save by delivering fast free quotes directly to your phone or inbox. No more hours on hold only to find out a company won't offer the coverage you need. With, you'll be matched with the best insurance company for your needs and location.


Compare auto insurance quotes

How often do you compare auto insurance quotes? Probably not often enough. 1-in-4 drivers say they don't shop around for quotes before renewing. Don't make this mistake! You can save up to 50% off your auto premiums by comparing quotes before renewing your policy.

Compare home insurance quotes

If you haven't compared homeowners insurance quotes in a few years, you could be missing out on big savings. And the best part about these savings is that they will lower your monthly mortgage payments. Why? Because homeowners insurance is typically paid together with your mortgage. Compare home insurance quotes and find out how much lower your payments could be.


About AgileRates is located in sunny South Florida. Our state is one of the hardest to insure so we know how difficult it can be to find good insurance. Our founders wanted to make it easier for customers to compare car insurance quotes. We've since made it possible to compare homeowners insurance quotes too.

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AgileRates is your source for insurance news, tips, and tricks

The more you know, the easier it is to get the best quote. Check out our blog to learn insurance tips and tricks to help you save on premiums. Dive into our Car Insurance and Home Insurance guides to break down your plan and risk factors. Insurance is confusing, but our articles make it easy to understand so you can choose the right plan. Brush up on the basics, determine your risk, or find out what's covered at the links below!

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Personalized quotes in less than 3 minutes
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