Average Homeowners Insurance in Illinois for 2023

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Whether you’ve just moved to Illinois or want to renew your homeowners insurance, we’ve put together a guide for all you need to know about home insurance in the state.

Best Illinois Home Insurance Companies

Different Illinois homeowners and renters insurance companies excel at different things, so we’ve put together a handy guide to help you choose the best insurance for your Illinois home.

Overall Best Illinois Home Insurance Company

Farmers is the best Illinois home insurance company, with three simple tiers on to base your policy on. Choose one of these tiers and personalize it with optional coverage types.

Best Value Illinois Homeowners Insurance Company

The best value Illinois home insurance company is only available to those with a military background. USAA only sells policies to members (or veterans) of the military and their qualifying family members. 

Illinois Home Insurance Company With the Best Customer Service

The homeowners insurance company with the best customer service in Illinois is State Farm. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) suggests that State Farm has a lot fewer complaints logged against it compared to what would be expected based on its size.

Illinois Homeowners Insurance Company Best For Bundling

If you purchase more than one type of insurance from the same provider, often they’ll offer you a discount. State Farm is an excellent option for bundling policies, as they offer many types of insurance.

Illinois Home Insurance Company With the Best Coverage Options

The coverage you need is as unique as you are, so finding a company that offers a variety of endorsements may be important to you. Allstate has a great number of coverage options, including coverage for musical instruments or electronic data recovery.

Local and Regional Home Insurance Carriers In Illinois

Hastings Mutual

Hasting Mutual is a regional car insurance carrier for Illinois drivers. Their products offer protection for you, your car, and everything or everyone within it. 

Hasting Mutual features insurance coverages unique to their company, such as joint ownership, limited transportation network driver, and travel interruption. You may opt for additional help with roadside assistance, key replacement, and pet injury. 

Discounts for auto insurance from Hastings Mutual include the away-at-school discount, defensive driving course discount, claim-free discount, and a multi-policy bundle.

Pekin Insurance

Pekin Insurance’s history since 1921 features dedication and service to its Illinois customers. Located in Illinois, the regional carrier offers a range of car insurance products. 

Coverages include bodily injury, medical payments, and property damage. Pekin also lets you increase your protection with auto guard endorsement, auto loan and lease coverage, rental reimbursement, and more. 

Save on your policy with Pekin Insurance’s discounts for multiple vehicles, home-auto insurance bundles, and cars with anti-theft devices. and more. Additional discounts from Pekin Insurance include auto/home, new home/roof, protection devices, EFT payment, and more. 

Save on your policy with Pekin Insurance’s discounts for multiple vehicles, home-auto insurance bundles, and cars with anti-theft devices.

Additional discounts from Pekin Insurance include auto/home, new home/roof, protection devices, EFT payment, and more. 

Secura Insurance

Secura Insurance is a Midwest regional carrier for Illinois residents. Highly rated by AM Best and Ward Group for quality performance, Secora offers a range of home insurance products for your needs, no matter where you live in Illinois.

Their coverage options include Dwelling, Contents, Liability, and other options. Secura Insurance also has a special package, MILE-STONE®, for home and auto insurance.

This package offers one premium payment and features only one deductible for your home and auto if damaged in the same event. You may receive a discount for a new home, select pay, early quotes, EFT payment, and by adding an umbrella policy. 


Illinois home insurance demographics

Before insurance providers offer you a quote, they consider the historical claim data of people similar to you.

  • Average Home Value: The average home value in Illinois is $253,661.
  • Crime Rates: The crime rate is lower than the national average, with your chance of becoming a victim of a property crime being 1 in 65.
  • Average Household Income: The median household income in Illinois is $68,428, slightly higher than the national average.
  • Median Age Range: The median age in Illinois is 37.4 years of age.
  • Education: More than a third of people in Illinois have a college degree, with a further 5% currently attending college. 89.7% of people in Illinois have graduated high school.

Is Illinois Home Insurance Required?

Home insurance is not required by law in Illinois, but most mortgage lenders will insist people purchase some level of home insurance as a condition of them extending credit.

What Does Illinois Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance in Illinois is typical of homeowners insurance throughout the United States. Most policies cover:

  • your home from property damage 
  • damaged belongings when a specific peril occurs
  • any claims that you’re liable for bodily injury or property damage to others

Common Home Risk Factors In Illinois

Some of the common home risk factors in Illinois include:

  • tornadoes
  • storm damage

Water damage and liability claims are other risk factors that are not specific to the state but still common.

There are various endorsements available to add to your Illinois homeowners insurance.

Flood coverage

A basic insurance policy typically doesn’t cover flooding, so anyone living near flood plains should opt for this additional coverage to protect their homes and property.

New for Old Protection

Most insurance policies will only offer the current value of your property, which may not be enough to replace them like for like. This endorsement will ensure that your insurance provider gives you the cost to replace your items.

How Much Does Home Insurance In Illinois Cost?

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Illinois varies depending on the value and age of your home, the amount and type of coverage you need, and your claims history, among other factors.

The average amount that home insurance in Illinois costs is $1,376. Aurora is the cheapest city in Illinois.

Illinois home insurance rates by city

Cost of Home Insurance In Illinois By City

CityAverage Illinois Home Insurance CostDifference From Illinois Average
Orland Park$1,121-$255
Tinley Park$1,120-$256
Mount Prospect$1,160-$216


What’s the average cost of home insurance in Illinois?

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Illinois is $1,376.

Is homeowner’s insurance required in Illinois?

No, homeowner’s insurance is not required by law in Illinois.

How much is homeowner’s insurance in Chicago?

In Chicago, the average cost of homeowners insurance is $1,728 per year, which is higher than the state average.

How much is condo insurance in Illinois?

The average cost of condo insurance in Illinois is $576 per year, but this varies depending on the level of coverage you need and many other factors.

How long do you have to file a homeowners insurance claim in Illinois?

Insurance policies usually require notification of a claim as soon as reasonably possible. Depending on the insurance company, this is typically no later than 30 days to one year.

How To Purchase Illinois Home Insurance

Now that you understand the basics of home insurance in Illinois, it’s time to find a policy that fits your needs. Compare rates and coverage options from top providers in minutes by completing our simple form. We can help you find the right policy for your home today.