Find Cheap SR-22 Insurance In Minnesota (2023)

WRITTEN BY: Julia Matseikovich


Unlike other states, Minnesota lacks an SR-22 insurance requirement for drivers with serious driving convictions, such as reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, or driving without insurance. 

Drivers must file a document known as a certificate of insurance, similar to SR-22 insurance in Minnesota. Read on to learn about the certificate of insurance, who needs it, and how to get it. 

Minnesota SR-22 insurance: what you need to know

There isn’t a requirement for SR-22 insurance in Minnesota. When a driver needs a certificate of insurance, their insurance company files it with Minnesota Driver Vehicle Services (DVS). The certificate testifies the driver carries the minimum coverage Minnesota’s car insurance laws require.

How much does SR-22 insurance cost in MN

The certificate of insurance for drivers doesn’t have a filing fee. A driver’s need for the certificate may come with increased car insurance rates. A reason for SR-22 filing or a certificate of insurance in the state of Minnesota is driving under the influence (DUI). Your rate will vary by carrier and your location, vehicle, and reason for the certificate.

CompanyAvg. Cost per Month With an SR-22 & DUIAvg. Cost Increase After a DUI
Western National$531%
American Family$1113%
North Star$1373%

When are you required to get SR-22 certificate in MN?

Minnesota requires drivers to file a certificate of insurance, not an SR-22, after driving violations. The certificate applies to drivers with a DUI, reckless driving, or driving without insurance. 

How long do you have to carry an SR-22 in MN?

There is no timeline for SR-22 insurance in Minnesota as the state doesn’t feature SR-22 forms. If you need a certificate of insurance, it stays on file for at least one year. Your insurance company may then lift the certificate at your request. 

How a DUI impacts your car insurance rates in Minnesota

Just one DUI charge can increase your auto insurance premium by over $750 a year. A DUI conviction stays on your driving record for the rest of your life and could affect your car insurance rates for three to five years. 

Driving without insurance

Uninsured driving is a violation and results in a request for a certificate of insurance, the version of SR-22 insurance, in Minnesota. If you have a citation for driving without insurance, expect your insurance premium to increase. 

Non-owner SR-22 insurance

If you drive someone else’s car and have a DUI, engage in reckless driving, or go without insurance, you may need a certificate of insurance, the equivalent of SR-22 insurance in Minnesota. You then need a non-owner insurance policy for basic liability coverage to meet the state’s minimum coverage.

How to get SR-22 insurance in MN

Instead of a form for SR-22 insurance in Minnesota, you will need a certificate of insurance after serious violations. If this is the case, then you must request the form from your insurance agent. Insurance carriers can access the form online and submit it via fax to the Minnesota Commissioner of Public Safety. You also must pay a driver’s license reinstatement fee to the DVS. 


How long do I need SR-22 insurance in MN?

The term SR-22 insurance in MN isn’t applicable to the state’s drivers. Minnesota uses something similar to SR-22 insurance called a certificate of insurance and requires it for one year as proof you meet the minimum coverage requirements.

How do I get my SR-22 removed in Minnesota?

You can request your insurance provider remove your certificate of insurance after they have it on file for one year. However, removing your certificate doesn’t mean your rates will instantly drop. An insurance company may charge higher rates for a DUI or other driving violations. 

What is the cost of SR-22 insurance in MN?

There isn’t a cost associated with SR-22 insurance in Minnesota. Minnesota drivers don’t need an SR-22 for driving violations, but they may need a certificate of insurance. The certificate of insurance is free. However, if a Minnesota driver needs the certificate, their insurance company may increase their rates. 

What is the penalty for not having SR-22 insurance in MN?

Drivers don’t face a penalty for not having SR-22 insurance in Minnesota, as the state doesn’t require the form. Minnesota’s version of an SR-22 form is a certificate of insurance. The loss of driving privileges follows if you don’t have a certificate when required. 

What is the difference between SR-22 and SR-26 in MN?

Minnesota doesn’t have SR-22 insurance, nor does it use SR-26 forms. An SR-26 is used in states like Nebraska to inform the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) the driver no longer carries an SR-22. An insurance company may file an SR-26 if a driver completes their SR-22 requirement or they cancel the auto policy. 

What happens if I don’t have SR-22 insurance in MN?

Drivers don’t need an SR-22 insurance policy in Minnesota. If a driver has a DUI or other serious traffic offenses, they need a certificate of insurance. Insurance companies file the certificate as proof of insurance for the motorist. 

Compare SR-22 insurance in Minnesota

While you don’t need SR-22 insurance in Minnesota, you may need a certificate of insurance. Drivers with a certificate of insurance requirement often have increased premium rates after their offense. If you find your car insurance rates are high and want a better rate after a certificate of insurance, compare rate quotes now.