Average Homeowners Insurance Cost in Washington D.C. for 2023

WRITTEN BY: Mark Romero


Investing in a Washington D.C. homeowners insurance policy represents the best way to protect your home. Whether someone vandalizes your property, your pipes freeze from cold temperatures, or a tree limb falls through your roof, home insurance can help cover the cost of repairs. If you live in Washington D.C., or want to buy a D.C. home, stay protected by finding the best policy.

Best Washington D.C. Home Insurance Companies

Finding the best homeowner’s insurance policy to suit your needs proves tricky with the many available options. How can you gather quotes to compare if you don’t know where to begin?

Below, we’ve provided a list of the top home and renters insurance companies offering home insurance in Washington D.C. to help you choose an inclusive and affordable policy.

Overall Best Washington D.C. Home Insurance Company

According to Bankrate, Allstate offers affordable home insurance at an average rate of $1,025 per year for a dwelling with $250,000 in coverage. We consider it the best company for homeowner’s insurance in Washington D.C. for its high customer service ratings and comprehensive protection options.

Best Value Washington D.C. Home Insurance Company

Military members and their families can invest in home insurance at an excellent value through USAA at only $822 per year on average. Coverage includes all the standard protections plus military-specific endorsements like uniform coverage. USAA offers members many benefits like claims-free discounts and a partnership with ADT for reliable home security.

Washington D.C. Home Insurance Company With the Best Customer Service

Despite having the highest premium on our list at an annual average of $1,031, State Farm proves its value by providing clients with exceptional customer service. Suppose you prefer to handle your insurance policy in person.

In that case, you can meet with a local State Farm agent in Washington D.C. Otherwise, accessible online tools and resources easily manage your insurance from home.

Washington D.C. Home Insurance Company Best for Bundling

Travelers offers another affordable option for Washington D.C. home insurance with an average yearly homeowner’s insurance premium of $914. They also provide auto, boat, travel, pet, flood, and umbrella insurance policies. Customers who bundle can save on their monthly payments.

Washington D.C. Home Insurance Company With the Best Coverage Options

Homeowners can cover a wide variety of things through Allstate, including their dwellings, yards and gardens, personal property, business property, musical instruments, sports equipment, and electronic data. Allstate also offers liability, guest medical, and flood coverage options.

Washington D.C. Insurance Demographics

Washington D.C. home insurance demographics

Many factors affect home insurance rates, including claims frequency in your area, your home’s value, and the area’s crime rates, among others. Below, we provided some demographic information for Washington D.C.

  • Average home value: Washington D.C.’s median home value is $765,406.
  • Crime rates: Crime rates in Washington D.C. exceed the national median at 10.34 per 1,000 residents for violent crimes and 36.11 per 1,000 for property crimes.
  • Average household income: The median household income in D.C. is $88,311.
  • Median age range: 34.1 years is the median age.
  • Education: 91.9 percent of Washington D.C. adults are high school graduates, and 59.8 percent are college graduates.

Is Washington D.C. Home Insurance Required?

No, state laws don’t require homeowners to insure their homes. However, borrowers trying to get mortgage loans must often invest in homeowners insurance. Banks and other mortgage lenders want to protect their investments from unexpected damage or loss.

What Does Washington D.C. Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance provides coverage for damage caused by break-ins, vandalism, wind, hail, snow, flooding, and other adverse circumstances Washington D.C. homeowners face. In addition to covering home repairs, a homeowners insurance policy may cover personal liability and property.

Common Home Risk Factors in Washington D.C.

Severe storms strike the District of Columbia and surrounding areas yearly, damaging homes with heavy wind, hail, and snow. According to FEMA, Washington D.C. homeowners also contend with a higher risk of flooding than average. Washington D.C. home insurance helps homeowners cover repair and replacement costs when these unfavorable conditions arise.

Home insurance policies cover many types of damage, but they prove insufficient under certain circumstances. Consider the following protections when choosing a Washington D.C. home insurance policy.

Flood Insurance

Washington D.C. homeowner’s insurance, like home insurance in any other state, doesn’t include flood protection. Homeowners living in areas with a high flood risk must invest in additional policies to protect their homes. Some home insurance providers also offer flood insurance, making it easy for homeowners to find all the coverage they need from a single company.

Personal Property Insurance

Your home insurance in Washington D.C. may or may not cover the items inside your home. Some policies include this coverage automatically, while others require endorsements. Personal property insurance covers the cost of replacing your belongings if they’re lost or stolen.

Identity Theft Insurance

An increasing number of insurance companies offer identity theft protection endorsements on home insurance policies to help customers recover after stolen identities. Add this coverage to your homeowner’s insurance in Washington D.C., to help if you need help recovering your identity.

How Much Does Home Insurance in Washington D.C. Cost?

Rates vary based on the city, home value, homeowner, and other factors. At an average home insurance cost of $897 per year, Washington D.C. provides very affordable rates compared to neighboring areas. For example, Maryland costs much more at an average of $1,136 per year.


How much does homeowner’s insurance cost in Washington D.C.?

According to Bankrate, home insurance in Washington D.C. costs an average of $897 per year. Based on this figure, that’s an average of $75 per month.

How much is liability insurance in D.C.?

The cost of a D.C. homeowner’s liability insurance depends on the insurance company and individual factors. Get some quotes for an accurate estimate of your liability insurance costs.

How much does earthquake insurance cost in Washington D.C.?

Though not common, earthquakes happen in Washington D.C., some homeowners opt to add earthquake coverage to their house insurance. Homeowner’s insurance costs depend on the provider and the individual homeowner.

Are you required to have home insurance in Washington D.C.?

State law doesn’t require homeowner’s insurance in Washington D.C., but most mortgage lenders do.

Do you need flood insurance in Washington D.C.?

FEMA places the District of Columbia at a higher-than-average risk for flooding, so many homeowners benefit from investing in flood insurance and their Washington D.C. home insurance.

How To Purchase Washington D.C. Home Insurance

If you’re unsure how to purchase Washington D.C. home insurance, start by collecting quotes from the top insurance providers. Once you have several quotes, you can compare rates and coverage offers to decide which policy will best protect you and your home.