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Farmers Insurance Group Auto Insurance Review


About Farmers Insurance Group

Although Farmers Insurance Group, formerly just Farmers, is an American company, it is a subsidiary of parent Swiss-owned Zurich Insurance Group. Still, Farmers Insurance Group retains a headquarters in Woodland Hills, California, near the origins of the company. Farmers began in 1928 in Los Angeles California. As you may guess from the name, the company was indeed founded by a pair of farmers, who believed that rural drivers were more careful than their urban counterparts and thus deserved lower insurance rates. Today, Farmers Insurance Group will insure regardless of profession or location of the driver, with some exceptions due to driving records. Farmers Insurance Group has its own different branches of subsidiaries and offers a much wider variety of products and services. These range from the simple auto and home policies of the past to complex coverages through a partnership with FEMA, as well as universal and term life insurances.

Satisfaction Ratings

  • BBB Rating: A+ (AND accredited)
  • Consumer Reports Rating: Very Satisfied
  • JD Power Rating:  3 / 5 

Pros & Cons Section

Has a variety of services and perks, like the Farmers Visa card exclusively for members
Almost 50,000 live agents in offices all over the United States
Allows specialty insurance for unique vehicles like antiques and classics

Even if you buy online, some transactions will have to be completed on the phone or in-person with an agent
Policies are only 6-months, allowing rates to change twice yearly
Online quoting tool isn’t as in-depth as others and fails to explain some coverage options

Policies Offered

Here are some of the types of coverages offered by Farmers Insurance Group:

Bodily Injury – This coverage is also called ‘Liability’ or Personal Liability, and it is mandatory in every state. Farmers Insurance Group offers the minimums, but also many other options for a more extensive, robust coverage from your policy. 

Property Damage – This coverage is for any damage done by your vehicle to someone else’s property, which is usually their vehicle. Farmers Insurance Group offers a ton of coverage and deductible options, none of which are far from the ordinary offerings.

Medical – You can choose up to $50,000 in optional medical coverage regardless of fault. This even includes potential things like funeral expenses if the worst should happen. 

Upgrades and Addons

Here are some of the upgrades and extra features you can add to your policy:

Glass Only  – Many companies cover glass damage, but only Farmers Insurance Group offers to reduce your deductible if the claim is glass-only. To qualify, you must have comprehensive coverage with a deductible of at least $250 on your policy. 

New Car Promise – If your new car is totaled in an accident, Farmers Insurance Group will replace it with a vehicle one model year newer, or 24,000 miles fewer than what your previous vehicle had. 

Rideshare – While most insurance companies shy away from insuring those who work for ridesharing services, Farmers Insurance Group is willing to work with companies like Lyft and Uber. It doesn’t cover the time when a paid passenger is being transported (that is covered directly by the rideshare company), but it does include the time when the driver is waiting for a rider, which was previously uncovered.

Available Discounts

You can earn discounts with the following Farmers Insurance Group programs:

Distant Student  – If you have a student away in college without regular access to a vehicle, you can qualify for this additional discount.

On Your Own – Say you are on your parents’ policy with Farmers Insurance Group, and you move out. New vehicle, new policy, new you! If you pick Farmers, they’ll switch you from your parents’ policy into your own spinoff, with this exclusive discount.

Shared Vehicle – Are there more drivers in your house than cars in your driveway? Then you might qualify for this discount.

Alternative Fuel – Is your vehicle a hybrid? Does it use future-friendly fuel alternatives for power? If so, you can reap even more rewards with this discount.

Mature Driver – For those between the ages of 55 and 65 (varies from state to state), you have the option to take a DMV-approved driving course and receive an additional percent off.

Special Programs

These special programs and benefits are available from Farmers Insurance Group:

Custom Clauses – While not an actual ‘program’, this special feature only needs to be asked for in order to enjoy it. If you have particular ‘what ifs’ that you want to cover, you can talk to your agent about those and have them written right into your policy. Transporting a classic vehicle overseas? They will write a special clause into your policy to cover it while in transit.

Farmers Rewards Visa Card – If you choose Farmers Insurance Group, you become eligible to apply for this Visa. If accepted, you can enjoy a wide points program for benefits and even triple points for using the card to pay your insurance bills.

What You Need to Apply

Have this information on hand to get a fast, accurate quote:

About You  – You’ll need the basics, like your name, age, and gender, so Farmers Insurance Group can save your online quote under a custom profile. If you actually decide to buy the quote, you’ll need your social security number.

Address Your car is going to spend a lot of time in your driveway and in your neighborhood. Are thefts a big problem? Stolen radios? Are there several parking structures or do you have to park on the street? All of these factors matter.

Vehicle ID – This is also known as a VIN, and it’s listed in several places on your car. You can get a quote without it using the year, make, and model, but the most accurate quote will always need a VIN.

Email – To start a quote online, you need an email address for communication with Farmers Insurance Group representatives and a place to send any electronic documents if you do choose to buy a policy.

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