Finding Defensive Driving Courses in Maryland

WRITTEN BY: Julia Matseikovich


If you’re a licensed driver in Maryland, you may consider taking a defensive driving course. Defensive driving courses in Maryland offer a way to reduce license points and improve driver safety, save money on insurance costs, and other benefits. Let’s look at a defensive driving class, why you should take one, how to find one in Maryland, and the cost. 

What is a defensive driving course?

A defensive driving course is a driver education class that teaches motorists how to operate their vehicle safely among road rage from other drivers, situations, traffic, severe weather, and other scenarios. Its emphasis is on ensuring that drivers make intelligent and informed decisions about how they proceed on the road to avoid accidents. 

Drivers in the course undergo instruction on driving techniques, traffic rules, impaired driving, highway safety, and other concerns. There are quizzes and a final exam to test the driver’s knowledge after the end of class. You can take an in-person classroom course or participate in a course online. Online courses let you work at your own pace.

Who is eligible to take a defensive driving course?

Nearly any driver can take a defensive driving course in Maryland. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) may order a driver to complete a course if they have five to seven points on their driver’s license. If you need a course as ordered by the MVA, you receive a letter of the requirement.

Maryland drivers may also choose to take a course on defensive driving to reduce their auto insurance rates. The state doesn’t have eligibility guidelines or age limits like other states for drivers.

Maryland Driver Improvement Program (DIP)

DIP is Maryland’s driver’s rehabilitation option. Drivers receive an assignment to DIP by:

  • Court order
  • Accumulation of five, six, or seven points on a driving record
  • Probation for a moving violation on a provisional license

The MVA referral letter includes a list of approved DIP instructors. After they finish the course, drivers receive a certificate of completion, and the course provider notifies the MVA. 

Benefits of taking a defensive driving course

There are various benefits to defensive driving courses in Maryland. First, drivers may need a course to satisfy a requirement from the Maryland MVA and keep their driver’s license. You may avoid other penalties and license points if you take the course.

Insurance discounts after a defensive driving course

Taking a defensive driving course also lets drivers save on their car insurance rates with a discount from their insurance company. The eligibility for the insurance discounts varies by provider, however, so you should research to see if you qualify for savings on your premiums. 

Allstate limits insurance discounts for defensive driving course participation to drivers aged 25 and up. At the same time, GEICO offers the discount only to mature drivers over 50 if their policies have a specific underwriter. Some insurance companies also offer discounts to new drivers when they take a defensive driving class. 

Cheap online defensive driving courses in Maryland

Finding affordable online defensive driving courses in Maryland is easy, and there are several within the state. Costs vary by course provider and location. Browse the list below of state-approved driving courses and find the option that works for your needs and budget. Most online Maryland driving courses offer a money-back guarantee.


How long is the defensive driving course in Maryland?

Maryland defensive driving classes run four to eight hours. The exact class length varies based on the course provider. 

What is a defensive driving course in Maryland?

A defensive driving class in Maryland teaches you traffic safety and is a driver improvement course. The instructional class helps you become a better driver and learn how to react to events, such as other aggressive drivers, weather risks, and other things that may affect your driving. 

What is the best defensive driving course to take online?

The best defensive driving class to take online depends on your needs. You can find a variety of courses in Maryland. 

How long is the Maryland driver Improvement Program?

The Maryland Driver Improvement Program (DIP) runs four to eight hours. It’s a thorough program available via in-person and online instruction. It’s a requirement for drivers after certain traffic violations.

Which online defensive driving course is best?

To determine the best driving course for your needs, look at its length, cost, and value it offers you. The answer to which driving course is best will vary based on the driver. 

What is the cost of a Maryland defensive driving course?

Costs for defensive driving courses vary in Maryland. Classes can run $25 to $95, depending on the company, the course length, and other factors. 

Get insurance as a defensive driver today

Maryland requires certain drivers to complete a defensive driving course as a condition of keeping their driver’s license after a moving violation. You may also receive a discount on your auto insurance after you finish a class, though this varies based on your insurance company. You should compare rate quotes to find the best insurance rates and save on your premium. We’ve made it easy for you to do just that with our online tool. Request your free quotes now.