Best Mobile Home Insurance for 2022

WRITTEN BY: Mark Romero


If you live in a mobile home, you need home insurance. It’s not the law, but it’s a sensible idea to protect yourself from liability and your belongings should anything happen to your home.

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What Are the Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies?

Finding the best policy for you doesn’t need to be a struggle, which is why we’ve chosen the best mobile home insurance providers for you to look into.

Overall best mobile home insurance: Foremost

Our choice for the best overall mobile home insurance is Foremost. They provide coverage for many things that most insurers don’t, including coverage in transit, earthquakes, and business liability. 

They’re also happy to consider providing coverage for people with credit issues. 

Best mobile home insurance for older homes: American Modern

Mobile homes built before 1976 are more difficult to insure, as they were built before the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (HUD Code) came into effect. 

American Modern offers coverage for homes built before the code was implemented. It may not be as inexpensive as others, but it’s much better than not having coverage.

Best mobile home insurance for new mobile homeowners: Progressive

Progressive offers discounts for new mobile homeowners. They also offer many other discounts, such as installing safety devices, paying your premium in full, and choosing to go paperless with electronic policy documents.

What Is Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile home insurance is just that. It’s coverage for your mobile home.

What does it cover?

Mobile home insurance typically covers accidental damage to the home and contents of your mobile home. It may also include liability insurance if anyone becomes injured on your property and you need to cover their medical expenses. 

Does standard homeowners insurance cover mobile homes?

Most major home insurance companies also offer policies covering mobile homes, but it’s important to note that they are very different. 

How much does this insurance cost?

Mobile home insurance varies in price but is typically more expensive than standard home insurance. This is partly because insurers see mobile homes as more of a risk.

How to Find the Best Mobile Home Insurance For You

Which mobile home insurance is best for you depends on several factors. They include things like:

  • The age of the mobile home
  • The value of the mobile home
  • The size of the mobile home
  • How much deductible you’re willing to pay
  • Your credit score
  • Which ‘perils’ do you want to be covered

A peril is an event that can cause damage to your home or property. It can be something like a fire or a break-in. Some insurance policies won’t cover every peril, so shopping around to find one that suits you is important.

How much insurance do you need?

You usually want to make sure you have enough physical damage coverage to be able to repair or replace your mobile home, as well as any belongings you keep in the home. 

What type of damage isn’t covered?

There are some types of damage that mobile home insurance will not cover, including:

  • Flood damage
  • Earthquake damage
  • General wear and tear
  • Pest infestations
  • Damage that happens to the home while it’s in transit

You may need to purchase separate insurance to cover those situations.

Tips for buying the best mobile home insurance

Some handy tips for shopping for mobile home insurance include:

  • Ask if any safety features will lower your premium. Consider installing them anyway, especially if they’ll net you a discount.
  • Make sure you have an up-to-date inventory of the contents of the mobile home. This way, you’ll ensure you have enough coverage for the full value of your property.
  • Compare the market to see which insurance provider can give you the most coverage for your money.


Can you get insurance on a mobile home?

Yes. It won’t be the same as standard homeowners insurance, so you’ll have to specify that the home you’re looking to insure is a mobile one.

Does homeowners insurance cover mobile homes?

Homeowners insurance will not cover mobile homes. This is because mobile homes require special insurance to cover the additional risks that they may have, such as excessive wind damage.

What type of damage isn’t covered by mobile home insurance?

Anything that isn’t specified in your policy won’t be covered by mobile home insurance. This could be things like damage caused by flooding or pests.

Can you get discounts on mobile home insurance?

When looking at mobile home insurance, ask the providers what discounts they can offer you. You may qualify for a bundled discount if you already hold a different policy with them. 

What determines the price of mobile home insurance?

Several factors go into working out the cost of mobile home insurance. They include things like the location of the mobile home, the age, the value, the size, and even if you have certain safety features. 

Finding the Best Mobile Home InsuranceThe best mobile home insurance for you may not be one of the ones we’ve selected. Always compare mobile home insurance policies to ensure you get the best possible deal for your circumstances.