Progressive Auto Insurance Review (updated 2023)

WRITTEN BY: Julia Matseikovich


About Progressive

Founded in 1937, this Progressive auto insurance company is one of Northern America’s largest car insurance providers. However, their book of business includes far more than just vehicles.

They also insure motorcycles, boats, and recreational vehicles and offer home insurance, though those policies are written through other insurance companies.

Progressive offers insurance internationally and in Australia, but they are still currently headquartered in the United States.

Their headquarters remain in Mayfield Village, Ohio. Tricia Griffith is the President and CEO and has been 2016 following her strides within the company for diversity and inclusion practices in the workplace.

As of 2019, they are ranked 99th on the Fortune 500 list of largest US corporations by annual revenue.

Satisfaction ratings

  • BBB Rating: B-
  • Consumer Reports Rating: Very Satisfied
  • JD Power Rating:  3 / 5 

Progressive auto insurance pros and cons

  • Well established & reputable.
  • It offers wide coverage in most states.
  • Mid-high satisfaction with customer service.
  • Easy-to-use online quote tool.
  • Often pricier than other companies.
  • Only Average satisfaction in claims resolution.
  • Telematics discount requires full six months of installation before the customer gets discount.
  • Many discounts only last six months to a year.

Progressive car insurance review

4.6 Star Rating from AgileRates

AgileRates editors have rated Progressive 4.6/5 based on comprehensive reviews from customers, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and J.D Power – with praise for their low prices but complaints regarding customer service experiences & coverage gaps at times. Though it boasts a below-average NAIC rating of 1.70, which signals more than normal complaint levels relating to size, many drivers still consider Progressive an attractive option for car insurance services due to its competitive pricing structure.

Policies offered by Progressive auto insurance

Here are some of the types of coverages offered by Progressive:

  • Liability: This coverage is legally mandatory for any vehicle on the road, as it covers medical costs if people are hurt in an auto accident. Progressive offers pre-packaged options or the freedom to choose your limits for your policy. 
  • Collision: This coverage is for any property damage done as a result of a collision, as the name implies. That could be car-on-car, car-on-tree, car-on-fire-hydrant, etc. Regardless, this is the coverage that helps the repairs get done. Progressive offers a variety of deductible levels to choose from.
  • Comprehensive: If it’s not a collision, it likely is comprehensive. Scratched paint? Stolen car? Broken glass? All of those are comprehensive claims. With Progressive, you can choose your deductible from a variety of options. Depending on your state, your glass coverage may have a separate or no deductible.

Upgrades and addons

Here are some of the upgrades and extra features you can add to your policy:

  • Rental Reimbursement: This covers the cost of a rental car while yours is in the shop. 
  • Roadside Assistance: If you accidentally lock yourself out of your car (again), Progressive offers additional Roadside Assistance. Or maybe you forgot to fill up and ran out of gas? Tire blow? If you’re stuck on the side of the road, they’ll get you some assistance.
  • Lien Payoff: There’s even an add-on for paying off your vehicle’s loan if it gets totaled in a covered accident! Restrictions and a deductible still apply.

Available discounts through Progressive auto insurance

You can earn discounts with the following Progressive programs:

  • Paperless: Start a policy online and choose the paperless option to receive two discounts!
  • Good Student: Have a young driver in the house? They could qualify for a discount if they are a good student and have a report card to show for it (any from the last six months will do).
  • Safe Driver: No points on your license? No unpaid parking tickets? That’s what insurance companies love to see, and Progressive thanks you for it with an additional discount.
  • Multi-Car: Have a few cars out front? Insure them all with Progressive, and they’ll give you a sizable discount on your auto policy.
  • Multi-Policy: You can also get a discount on your car insurance if you have a Progressive home insurance policy.

Special programs

These special programs and benefits are available from Progressive:

  • Snapshot: Progressive offers up to a 30% discount for participants of their Snapshot program. Drivers install a wireless device into their vehicle, and Progressive monitors safe driving habits for 30 days. After that, you return the device, and they determine your final discount. 
  • Bundling Policies: Have a car and home to cover? Then Progressive wants to cover you! They offer bundling programs for customers with multiple policies, and some can include sizable discounts.

What you need to apply

Have this information on hand to get a fast, accurate quote:

  • Name and Birthday: If you’re shopping for yourself, this is you. Progressive looks at your driving record like all insurance companies to determine the premium.
  • Address: They want to know where the car will be parked at night and where it will spend most of its time. Believe it or not, different zip codes can have different rates, even next. 
  • Vehicle Info: An estimate is fine, but the closer you can be, the more accurate your quote will be. You’ll need the vehicle’s year, make, and model (or, for the most accuracy, the VIN).
  • Social Security Number: The social security number of the person who will own the policy. If you’re shopping for yourself, this one’s you too. You or your spouse will work if you want a family plan.
  • Current Insurance Info: Even if you already have insurance through someone else, Progressive wants to check on that history and see what problems have come up in the past. You’ll need the name of your previous company and your current liability limits.
  • Email: Of course, they will want to contact you via email with an online quote. That will also be the way you potentially set up your account and policies.


Who is cheaper GEICO or Progressive?

It is difficult to say which company is cheaper, as rates can vary significantly depending on individual factors such as the driver’s age and driving history. It is best to compare quotes from both companies and shop around for the best rate.

Is Progressive insurance really cheaper?

Yes, Progressive insurance can be cheaper than other types of insurance due to its competitive pricing and discounts. Additionally, Progressive offers a wide variety of coverage options, so you can customize your policy to fit your needs and budget.

Is Progressive good at paying claims?

Yes, Progressive is known for having good customer service and is generally very reliable in paying out claims on time.

Compare Progressive auto insurance policies

Progressive Auto Insurance is a great choice for car insurance, especially if you’re looking for discounts. We’ve compared their rates with other top providers and found that they are one of the most affordable options.

You can get a quote in just minutes by completing our quote form, and you may be surprised at how much money you can save.