Affordable Car Insurance For High-Risk Drivers In Arizona

WRITTEN BY: Julia Matseikovich


Who is considered a high-risk driver in Arizona? Auto insurance providers consider anyone more likely to file a claim to be high-risk. The reason you’re considered high-risk affects your ability to purchase an auto insurance policy. Also, the time you have been classified as high-risk can make a difference.

Why you can be considered a high-risk driver in Arizona

Arizona, like most states, can classify you as a high-risk driver if you have accidents, traffic violations, let your auto insurance policy lapse, or are an inexperienced driver. Motorists designated as high-risk will pay higher rates to cover future costs they may claim on their car insurance policy.


If you have had one or more at-fault car accidents within five years, you will be considered a high risk to the insurance provider. This designation is because you’re more likely to file a claim that will cost the insurance company money. Insurance providers, in most cases, are required to defend drivers legally in lawsuits brought against the driver.

Traffic violations

If you have had multiple speeding tickets or other moving violations, especially DUI or drunk driving, you present a financial risk to the auto insurance company. Traffic citations are an indication of poor driving behaviors and reckless driving.

Lapses in auto insurance coverage

If you’re driving without active auto insurance, it’s illegal and shows that you’re not a financially responsible driver. Therefore, if your insurance lapses due to non-payment, the insurance may be responsible for paying claims when you haven’t even paid your premiums.

Inexperienced drivers

Most people think of young drivers when they hear inexperienced drivers. This is not always the case; some drivers don’t get their licenses until later in life. Many residents of large cities such as New York or Chicago use the public transportation system. They don’t get their driver’s licenses until it’s necessary since they don’t own a motor vehicle.

Getting high-risk auto insurance

The cost of car insurance can be expensive even with a clean driving record and a good credit score if you’re considered high-risk. The national average annual premium for full-coverage auto insurance is roughly $1700 per year. The state average insurance costs for Arizona are the same. However, if you’re considered high-risk, Arizona’s average car insurance rate is roughly $2400 per year.

Shop around

To get the cheapest car insurance, always shop around. Get auto insurance quotes from many different car insurance carriers. Make sure that you apply all the discounts you’re eligible for.

Take a defensive driving course if it will help reduce the cost of high-risk car insurance. Also, bundle your homeowners or renter’s policy with the same insurance provider.

Review your coverage

If your vehicle doesn’t have a lien, consider buying the minimum coverage required in Arizona until your high-risk classification drops off your driving record. The state-required minimum liability car insurance coverage is $25,000 bodily injury liability for one person,$50,000 for two or more persons, and $15,000 property damage liability.

All motor vehicles, including mopeds, motorcycles, and golf carts, must have these liability insurance limits. If you have to have full coverage on your car, raise your deductibles. You can choose to drop uninsured motorist coverage also.

Assigned risk pool

Suppose you’re such a high-risk driver in Arizona that you can’t obtain car insurance through private insurance companies. You will need to get your auto insurance through the Arizona Automobile Insurance Plan. The AAIP is part of the Western Association of Automobile Insurance Plans (WAAIP). The program is where insurance companies in Arizona share the number of high-risk drivers equally and must provide at least a minimum coverage policy to meet the state’s insurance requirements.

How long will I be considered a high-risk driver?

The length of time your high-risk status will last on your driving history will depend on why you’re considered high-risk. Did you get a DUI, multiple accidents, or traffic tickets, or are you simply an inexperienced driver?


If you have a conviction of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your high-risk status can last for up to seven years on the first offense. If you’re a repeat offender, you receive seven additional years for every new DUI conviction within the original seven.

Accidents and tickets

Accidents usually stay with Arizona drivers for up to three years. Traffic tickets for moving violations can stay on your driving history for five years.

New Arizona drivers

Inexperienced or new drivers in Arizona need to obtain at least three years of driving experience before losing the high-risk designation. Except for teenage drivers, who will need to reach the age of 21 for female drivers and 25 for male drivers for their auto insurance rates to be reduced to standard rates.


What is the best car insurance company for high-risk drivers in Arizona?

USAA auto insurance is considered the best car insurance company for high-risk drivers in Arizona. However, you must be either active or retired military personnel, their spouse, or their child to qualify for this insurance provider. State Farm Insurance has the best rates if you don’t meet those qualifications.

How long does an at-fault accident stay on your record in Arizona?

An at-fault accident in Arizona will stay on your driving record for three years to five years.

What are the best ways to get car insurance for high-risk drivers in Arizona?

The best way to get car insurance in Arizona is to shop around. Get multiple car insurance quotes from different auto insurance providers and compare them.

Does Arizona have a high-risk driver program?

If private insurance providers have denied you an auto insurance policy, you’re eligible for insurance through the Arizona Automobile Insurance Plan. The state-run assigned risk pool for high-risk drivers provides car insurance for anyone who can’t get it through a traditional insurer.

What are the different car insurance companies in Arizona?

Arizona’s top 5 car insurance companies are Berkshire Hathaway, State Farm, Progressive, USAA, and Farmers Insurance.

What is the cheapest car insurance for high-risk drivers in Arizona?

USAA Auto Insurance or State Farm Insurance provide the lowest insurance premiums for high-risk drivers in Arizona.

Finding car insurance for high-risk drivers in Arizona

Whether you’re new to driving or have had a couple of driving incidents that have you pegged as high-risk, it will not last forever. Keep your head up, shop around and do your best to improve your driving habits. We can help you find the best insurance auto insurance policy for your needs.