Best Car Insurance in Delaware for 2023

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Delaware car insurance is expensive. The average car insurance rate is $1,700 yearly—more than the national average by 19.1%. Finding affordable options shouldn’t be stressful or difficult. We’re here to help you find cheap car insurance in Delaware.

Best Delaware Car Insurance Companies

Affordable Delaware car insurance isn’t impossible to find. We have the best options for you whether you’re looking for a great rate or excellent customer service. 

Cheapest Delaware Car Insurance Company

State Farm Auto Insurance

Finding affordable car insurance in Delaware is essential. State Farm has the cheapest car insurance at $738 yearly and $62 per month for minimum liability. As a bonus, they have a reputation for having excellent customer service too.

Company With the Best Customer Service

USAA Insurance Logo

Customer service is essential when it comes to choosing an insurer. According to J.D. Power’s 2021 Auto Satisfaction Study, the top two car insurance companies for customer service are USAA and NJM Insurance. USAA scored 879 out of 1,000, but they are only available to military members and their families. NJM Insurance scored 867 out of 1,000 and is considered a highly-rated carrier.

Company With the Best Discounts

GEICO Insurance Logo

GEICO has the best discounts available to lower the cost of your car insurance in Delaware. The discounts available are good student, multi-vehicle, vehicle safety features, military, good driver, new vehicle discount, defensive driving course, employee membership, emergency deployment, and federal employee.

Local and Regional Auto Insurance Carriers For Delaware

Several local and regional insurance carriers also offer auto insurance in Delaware.

Main Street America Insurance

With Main Street America, Delaware drivers can get comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, medical expense coverage, body injury liability, property damage liability, and underinsured/uninsured motorist.

The Auto Elite Program is a bundle of packages, all offering transportation expenses, personal clothing/baggage reimbursement, roadside assistance, and accidental airbag deployment. 

Main Street America gives Connecticut drivers discounts for being new customers, having more than one policy, being accident/violation-free, paying in full, using EFT, being over 65, and being a good student.


Drivers in Delaware trust the protection of Nationwide’s car insurance. Nationwide offers comprehensive collision, personal liability, medical payments, and other essential coverages for Delaware drivers. Drivers may also expand their car insurance options with uninsured/underinsured motorists, property damage liability, and personal injury protection.

Nationwide insures thousands in Delaware. They also feature the opportunity for a vanishing deductible, accident forgiveness, and total loss deductible waiver. Discounts from Nationwide offer a variety of ways to save, including if you have a home insurance policy, drive fewer miles, or make automatic payments. 

The Hartford Insurance

The Hartford offers the following automobile coverages for Delaware drivers: comprehensive, collision, gap coverage, uninsured motorist, bodily injury liability, and roadside assistance. Since Delaware is at fault, drivers must purchase additional personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage.

The Hartford offers exclusive discounts in partnership with AARP, including up to 10% savings for being an AARP member. Wilmington and Dover drivers can also save by bundling home and auto insurance and by paying in full.

Delaware Insurance Demographics

Delaware demographics play a large part in your insurer’s car insurance quotes. These are some of the demographics that are considered:

  • Crime Rates: Delaware has had a 3% increase in violent crimes in the past year. However, property crime decreased by about 12%.
  • Average Household Income: The average household income is $92,308. The median household income is $69,110.
  • Median Age Range: The median age range is 36 years of age. 
  • Education: 34% of residents in Delaware have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Common Risk Factors In Delaware

Certain risk factors that increase car insurance rates:

  • Property damage
  • Racing
  • Crime
  • Speeding
  • At-fault accidents
  • Reckless driving
  • Distracted driving

Auto Insurance Laws In Delaware

Delaware residents have certain laws regarding vehicle driving. Delaware car insurance laws require that you have car insurance or face penalties and fines if you drive without a license.

What are the minimum car insurance requirements in Delaware?

Delaware auto insurance is a requirement to drive a car. The minimum car insurance coverage includes 25/50/10 in liability coverage with personal injury protection. You need:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 in bodily injury per accident
  • $10,000 in property damage per accident
  • $30,000 in personal injury protection per accident
  • $15,000 in personal injury protection per person.

Am I required to carry uninsured motorist coverage in Delaware?

Insurance helps if you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver who is at fault. Delaware doesn’t require drivers to have uninsured motorist insurance.

Delaware SR-22 and FR-44 policies

An SR-22 is a legal requirement for some high-risk drivers, including anyone with a DUI conviction, an at-fault collision, driving with a suspended license, or driving without insurance. It’s a form issued by your insurance company to insure you after a suspension. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to find cheap SR-22 insurance.

Is Delaware a no-fault state?

Delaware is not a no-fault state. This means that drivers must have no-fault auto insurance in Delaware.

What happens if my vehicle isn’t properly insured in Delaware?

Auto insurance in Delaware is a requirement for all drivers. Without it, you face several serious consequences. Therefore, it’s important to know the laws in your state and ensure you have the right insurance requirements.

Does Delaware accept digital insurance cards?

Delaware law enforcement does accept digital insurance cards

How Much Does Car Insurance In Delaware Cost?

Getting a quote for auto insurance in Delaware depends on a lot of things, including the insurer you choose, the city you live in, age, gender, driving record, and credit score. 

Average Cost of Car Insurance By City

The cost of car insurance in Delaware depends on the city you live in. Rates vary depending on where in Delaware you live. 

CityAverage Delaware Car Insurance CostDifference From Delaware Average

Average Cost of Car Insurance By Company

Car insurance rates may vary depending on which car insurance company you choose. Not all insurers are created equal; some may be cheaper than others. 

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Full-Coverage Premium (Annually)

Average Cost of Car Insurance In Delaware By Age

Age is a factor when determining your auto insurance in Delaware. The older you are, the less car insurance you pay. A 16-year-old pays almost seven times more insurance than a 70-year-old. 

AgeAverage Full-Coverage Premium (Annually)
Age 16$8,357.24
Age 18$6,232.06
Age 20$2,390.16
Age 25$2,390.16
Age 30$1,663.79
Age 40$1,649.63
Age 50$1,542.07
Age 60$1,563.21
Age 70$1,912.05

Average Cost of Car Insurance By Gender

The cost of car insurance in Delaware doesn’t change much based on gender, but there is a slight difference in cost. 

GenderAverage Full-Coverage Premium (Annually)

Average Cost of Car Insurance By Credit Score

Insurers consider your credit score because trends tell them that people with excellent credit make better drivers. In Delaware, someone with excellent credit saves $1,782.14 annually.

PoorAverage GoodExcellent
National Average$3,002$1,907$1,771$1,556

Average Cost of Car Insurance In Delaware By Driving Record

Your driving record is something your insurer takes into consideration. The better the driving record, the cheaper your car insurance in Delaware. 

Driving IncidentAverage Full-Coverage Premium (Annually)
Clean Driving Record$1,153
Speeding Ticket$2,088

What Optional Delaware Auto Insurance Coverages Should You Consider?

Many different optional coverages are available to add to your policy, such as: 

Delaware Car Insurance FAQs

Is car insurance expensive in Delaware?

Delaware auto insurance is expensive—more than the national average by 19.1%

Why is Delaware car insurance so high?

Car insurance in Delaware is expensive because the state’s physical size leads to more accidents, costly repair prices, and high population density.

Does Delaware require car insurance?

You must have car insurance in Delaware to drive a vehicle or face penalties and fines. 

Is Delaware a no-fault car insurance state?

Delaware is not a no-fault state. This means that drivers must have no-fault auto insurance in Delaware.

What is the penalty for driving without insurance in Delaware?

Penalties for driving without a license include fines, suspension of your license, and even jail time. 

How To Purchase Delaware Car Insurance?

When you’re looking for cheap car insurance in Delaware, it’s important to consider several options. Use our auto insurance quote form to get matched with the best policy for the cheapest possible rates.