Cheap Renters Insurance In Connecticut For 2023

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While it’s not mandatory to have renters insurance in Connecticut, it’s always advisable to consider protecting your personal belongings and valuable items against a variety of things that could happen to them. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe. Read on to discover how to find affordable renters insurance that’s considerably cheaper than the national average.

How much is renters insurance in Connecticut?

Connecticut renters can expect an average cost of renters insurance to cost $8 per month and can go up to $18 on average per month. The average cost for Connecticut renters insurance coverage is up to 37% less than the national average.

Cheap renters insurance companies in CT

The cheapest renters insurance companies in the state are:

  • Allstate: $116
  • Amica: $127
  • State Farm: $132
  • Lemonade: $141

These prices are for yearly premiums.

Best Connecticut renters insurance for customer service

Amica came out on top for this. It’s just a few dollars more than Allstate. Renters speak of their positive experiences with the company. USAA is also rated highly for its customer service when it comes to renters insurance.

What does renters insurance cover in Connecticut?

When deciding what renters insurance to get in Connecticut, take the time to check the insurance policy so you have peace of mind knowing what’s covered and what’s not covered. Nearly all types of basic renters insurance premiums offer coverage for personal property, personal liability, additional living expenses, liability, and medical payments.

However, it’s important to know the area of Connecticut you’re living in so you can decide on the amount of coverage you need. Some areas may be at risk of flooding or hurricanes. You will need to look at adding these to your policy should you wish your personal property to be protected. If you have valuable items, you may also need to look at getting additional coverage for these.

What factors influence renters coverage options in Connecticut

A number of factors impact a renters insurance quote given by a renters insurance agency. They include:

  • Location – where in Connecticut you reside in
  • Coverage asked for
  • Valuable items
  • Any add-ons you want to include
  • Deductibles
  • Bundling options
  • If the policyholder has Actual Cash Value (ACV) or Replacement Cost Value (RCV) in their renters insurance quote

Cities in Connecticut with the cheapest renters insurance rates

These cities in the state are the cheapest places to get a renters insurance quote. They are:

  • Torrington: $153
  • Norwich: $156
  • Manchester:$157
  • Newington: $158
  • Bristol:$158

Cities in Connecticut with expensive renters insurance coverage

Stratford is by far the most expensive city in the state to purchase renters insurance coverage. These are prices for yearly renters insurance premiums:

  • Stratford: $254
  • Bridgeport: $206
  • Danbury:
  • East Hartford: $185
  • Enfield: $175

Renters insurance coverage discounts

Putting your renters insurance coverage and auto insurance together can help you get discounts on your insurance premium.

Amica is one of the insurance providers that offer car insurance in addition to renters insurance. Bundling your policies can help you pay one monthly premium for everything, making it easier to meet payments and ensure that you’re protecting all your valuable items. Ask your insurance agent or agency representative about auto insurance discounts and others on their coverage options.

Is a renters insurance premium mandatory in Connecticut?

Renters insurance coverage isn’t mandatory in Connecticut. However, landlords may ask that their tenants get renters insurance because they wouldn’t be covered for any loss of personal belongings under the landlord’s insurance.

Connecticut renters insurance policy coverage

Connecticut renters can expect to get coverage to replace the loss of personal belongings and valuable items if they were stolen, lost, or vandalized. Insurance providers also cover liability coverage, medical payments, and any costs of rehousing you if your rental property became unlivable.

What’s the right amount of insurance coverage to get in Connecticut?

Typically, renters would take out an insurance policy with $100,000 in liability coverage.

The average cost of renters insurance in Connecticut compared to the national average

Getting affordable renters insurance in Connecticut is easier than in some other states. Connecticut renters insurance is almost 37% below the national average. The average cost works out to $100 per year. This is $60 less than the US average. This makes a huge difference in deciding whether to add it to your existing policy or get a quote separately.


Does Connecticut require renters insurance?

No, it’s not required by law. However, landlords can ask for renters to get their own policy to ensure their personal belongings are covered because they won’t be covered under the landlord’s insurance.

What does renters insurance cover in CT?

A basic level renters insurance premium in the state covers personal property, personal liability, additional living expenses, liability, and medical payments.

How much is renters insurance in Connecticut?

It can cost as low as $8 or go up to $18 per month.

How can I get renters insurance in Connecticut?

Often, renters get the best insurance rates if they already have their car with a company that also offers this type of insurance coverage. Shopping around and comparing renters insurance quotes between insurance agents is the best way to secure the right coverage options for you.

What are the most common reasons for a renters insurance claim?

Among the most common reason for a claim on a renters policy includes:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Flooding

It’s important to check your renters insurance premium when you get a quote from a renters insurance agent so you know what’s covered and what isn’t.

Getting renters insurance coverage in Connecticut

Getting renters insurance in Connecticut is affordable and good news for those considering a policy. The average cost of renters insurance rates is cheaper in the state when compared to the nationwide average. This makes it easier to purchase a policy and ensures you have peace of mind. Read our useful guide on what a renters insurance policy covers so you know what to expect when you go to purchase one.