Find Affordable SR22 Insurance In Colorado

WRITTEN BY: Julia Matseikovich


It’s mandatory for Colorado drivers convicted of a severe traffic offense to have SR22 insurance. If you’ve been convicted of reckless driving, a DUI violation, or a suspended license, you need an SR22 form. Your insurer files the SR22 form to assure the government that the convicted driver’s auto insurance coverage meets the state’s requirement. We’ll examine everything you need to know about obtaining SR22 car insurance.

What is Colorado SR22 Insurance?

An SR22 is a routine legal requirement triggered by a violation such as driving without insurance, accumulating too many points on your license, driving with a suspended license, or a DUI/DWI conviction. It’s not an insurance policy but a form that your insurer files with the Colorado DMV to ensure you’re insured.

All drivers in Colorado must carry liability coverage with limits of 25/50/15.

  • $25,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury to 2 or more people
  • $15,000 for property damage

How long do you need to have an SR22?

Colorado requires high-risk drivers to have an active SR22 for three years. You must not allow your coverage to lapse during this time, or you must get a new SR22 and start the three years again. It’s essential to keep your insurance active while you have the SR22.

Are there different types of Colorado SR22 Forms?

There are two types of SR22 Colorado insurance: owner and non-owner. Colorado SR22 certificate is a financial responsibility form attached to your auto insurance policy. It’s for drivers looking to have their driver’s licenses reinstated.

How Much Does SR22 Cost in Colorado?

SR22 insurance is more expensive than a typical auto insurance policy. The fee for SR22 filing the form is low, but the premiums after a serious violation tend to be higher. SR22 insurance with minimum coverage is, on average, $1.078 annually, while a standard car insurance policy costs about $764 annually.

For cheap Colorado SR22 car insurance, USAA is a great option, but it’s only available to military members and their families. The next in line is State Farm, with a yearly cost of $612. MetLife is the most expensive in the state for SR22 coverage, with a rate of $1,771 yearly.

The five cheapest car insurers in Colorado after a DUI

It might be hard to find cheap car insurance rates after a DUI or another major conviction. It’s likely going to cost more than standard car insurance premiums. The cheapest car insurers after a DUI are:

Non-owner SR22 insurance in Colorado

If you commit a major traffic violation in Colorado, you might get your license suspended. An SR22 filing is required to reinstate your license, and you’ll need car insurance even without a vehicle.

Non-owner auto insurance is an affordable option for non-vehicle owners. It protects you if you frequently borrow or rent vehicles or need to show proof of liability insurance coverage to have your license reinstated.

The average cost of non-owner car insurance in Colorado is $951 yearly. USAA is the cheapest option at $346 yearly, and the second most affordable option is GEICO at $365 annually.

Who Needs an SR22 in Colorado?

In Colorado, certain violations on your driving record result in you being labeled a high-risk driver requiring SR22 filing:

  • Reckless driving
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Driving under the influence (DUI/DWI)
  • Driving uninsured 

Colorado drivers might be able to find cheap car insurance by shopping around and comparing quotes from different insurance providers.

What you need to know about SR22 insurance in Colorado: 

  • Who needs Colorado SR22 insurance? If you’ve been convicted of a severe traffic violation, Colorado auto insurance companies require SR22 filing. The list includes hit and run, reckless driving, and driving under the influence, among other violations.
  • What is the minimum SR22 auto insurance coverage in Colorado: Drivers need at least $50,000 in bodily injury liability insurance per accident, $25,000 per person, plus $15,000 in property damage liability insurance.
  • How much does SR22 insurance raise premiums in Colorado? A Colorado SR22 increases auto insurance costs by $67. It’s roughly 11% more than the average resident pays for car insurance.
  • How to file SR22 forms in Colorado: Your insurance company files the SR22 certificate at the Colorado DMV. It would be best if you kept your insurance policy active with no lapse in coverage for the three years you’re required to have your SR22.

DUI penalties in Colorado

If your DUI conviction is your first offense, you face jail time and fines. If it’s your second offense, you’ll face more severe penalties.

  • First offense: Up to five days jail time, up to $1,000 in fines, and a one-year license suspension
  • Second offense: Up to 14 days jail time, $500-$1,500 in fines, and a one-year license suspension
  • Third offense: Up to 30 days jail time, $500-$2,500 in fines, and a five-year license suspension


How long do you have to carry SR22 insurance in Colorado?

You must carry your SR22 insurance in Colorado for three years. During that time, your car insurance must remain active with no lapses in coverage.

How does SR22 work in Colorado?

Colorado drivers convicted of severe traffic violations must have SR22 auto insurance. Your insurer must file an SR22 form to the DMV to prove you meet the auto insurance requirements for the state of Colorado.

Who has the cheapest rates for SR22 in Colorado?

The cheapest rates for SR22 in Colorado are with USAA at $556 yearly.

What is the penalty for not carrying SR22 in Colorado?

If you’re caught without SR22 insurance, you face a suspension of your driving privileges for eight months, a $40 reinstatement fee, an SR22 certificate for three years, and a $1,000 fine. You might also face up to 10 days to one year in jail and 40 hours of community service.

What happens if you don’t have SR22 insurance in Colorado?

If you don’t keep your SR22 current, your insurance company notifies the Colorado DMV that your SR22 is no longer in effect. You then face the suspension of your driver’s license.

What is the cost for an SR22 in Colorado?

The fee for SR22 filing is between $15 to $25, depending on the insurance company.

What are the requirements for Colorado to issue an SR22?

Drivers who need an SR22 must prove they meet the minimum car insurance standards. These requirements include $25,000 per person in bodily injury liability and $50,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per accident.

What is the difference between a regular auto insurance policy and SR22 insurance in Colorado?

SR22 auto insurance isn’t an insurance policy. It’s a certificate filed by your auto insurance company proving you have the minimum liability coverage. Coverage for high-risk drivers tends to be more expensive than standard car insurance.

How to Purchase Colorado SR22 Insurance

Purchasing SR22 car insurance in Colorado through a reputable auto insurance carrier is simple and easy. If you’re ready to get the cheapest auto insurance, it’s important to compare rates by calling and comparing quotes. We have a helpful tool to find the best car insurance.