Cheap Health Insurance In New Hampshire For 2023

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The New Hampshire Insurance Exchange has private health insurance for people who do not have employer-provided health insurance. Finding a plan that suits you best doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to help you sift through the cheapest New Hampshire health insurance plans.

New Hampshire Open Enrollment dates for health insurance

In New Hampshire, Open Enrollment dates for health insurance run from November 1st to January 15th each year.

Health Insurance In New Hampshire

New Hampshire health insurance demographics

Many demographics help determine the cost of your health insurance in New Hampshire.

  • Average Household Income: New Hampshire has a median household income of $76,768 and is considered the eighth wealthiest state in the United States.
  • Median Age Range: The median age is 43 years of age. 
  • Education: New Hampshire is one of the most educated states in the United States.

What type of Marketplace does New Hampshire have?

New Hampshire is one of seven states with a state-federal partnership health insurance exchange. The full-priced premiums in the state are the lowest in New England for 2022.

How many people are insured through the New Hampshire health insurance marketplace?

In 2021, 46,670 residents enrolled in plans through New Hampshire’s health insurance marketplace. It’s roughly 5% higher than the year before. Enrollment peaked in 2016, with 55,183 people enrolled.

Did New Hampshire implement the ACA’s Medicaid expansion?

The Medicaid expansion was expanded in 2014 but used an 1115 waiver to allow a different approach than what was outlined in the ACA. In 2020, the coverage gap in New Hampshire was eliminated as it became the 26th state to expand Medicaid coverage under the ACA.

When can you purchase ACA health insurance in New Hampshire? 

Enrollment for coverage is available from November 1, 2022, to January 15, 2023. A qualifying event must change your coverage or enroll if you miss open enrollment.

Types of ACA plans in New Hampshire

There are different carriers available to provide coverage in the exchange. Not all insurers are part of the program, but there are enough to give you a choice of coverages and prices. 

What carriers offer ACA health insurance in New Hampshire?

Three insurers offer coverage for 2022, which is two down from 2016. New Hampshire has these three insurers offering coverage:

  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • Ambetter
  • Matthew Thornton/Anthem

How much does health insurance cost in New Hampshire?

The average cost of health insurance in New Hampshire in 2022 across all tiers is $310 monthly. That is 2% more than the cost of coverage in 2021. Below are the cheapest plans available across the metal tiers. 

Cheapest health insurance by metal tier in New Hampshire

The chart below shows the cheapest plans for New Hampshire broken down by metal tier. Remember, each metal tier has a different level of coverage, as you can see from the deductible and out-of-pocket-maximum listed,

Metal TierCheapest PlanMonthly PremiumDeductibleMaximum Out-of-Pocket
CatastrophicAnthem Catastrophic Pathway X Enhanced$195$8,700$8,700
BronzeAnthem Bronze Pathway X Enhanced$275$6,500$8,700
Bronze ExpandedAmbetter Essential Care 10$265$7,200$8,400
SilverAnthem Silver Pathway X Enhanced $305$4,600$7,000
GoldAnthem Gold Pathway X Enhanced$370$1,500$8,700

Cheapest health insurance by county

The five largest counties in New Hampshire offer an Anthem plan as the cheapest option.

County NameCheapest PlanIndividual, Age 40Couple, Age 40Couple, Age 40 & Child
GraftonAnthem Silver Pathway X Enhanced$310$620$805
HillsboroughAnthem Silver Pathway X Enhanced$310$620$805
MerrimackAnthem Silver Pathway X Enhanced$310$620$805
RockinghamAnthem Silver Pathway X Enhanced$310$620$805
StraffordAnthem Silver Pathway X Enhanced$310$620$805

Are health insurance subsidies available in New Hampshire?

If your income is below 138% of the federal poverty level, you might qualify for help paying your premiums. Three-quarters of enrollees in 2020 received help through Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC) subsidies.

Can you purchase off-exchange health insurance coverage in New Hampshire?

No. Off-exchange is not available in New Hampshire. The only way to get health insurance is to go through the exchange. 

Can you purchase short-term health insurance?

There is short-term health insurance in this state, but it has a maximum duration of six months. No renewal is permitted, and it cannot be issued to anyone with short-term insurance for more than 540 days within two years. So, within two years, someone can’t have more than a year and a half of short-term health insurance in New Hampshire.

Health insurance options for low-income people

There are excellent options for low-income people to acquire health insurance in New Hampshire. Both Medicaid and Medicare are great options available to qualified low-income people. 

What Medicare options are available in NH?

Residents aged 65 or older looking for health insurance in New Hampshire are eligible for Medicare. People with qualifying illnesses also qualify for the program.

Medigap is a supplement program that covers the cost gap between what Medicare pays and your medical expenses. Medicare Part D should also be considered as it covers the cost of your prescription drugs.

Medicaid in New Hampshire

The cheapest health insurance in New Hampshire is Medicaid. It’s a free government program available to qualified individuals and families. You can qualify for the program based on income alone and have to fall below 138% of the federal poverty level.

Cheapest New Hampshire health insurance plans

Many options are available if you’re looking for cheap health insurance in New Hampshire. Whether you want low premiums or out-of-pocket costs, types of plans are available. 

Cheapest health plan with low out-of-pocket maximums 

Residents with high medical expenses should consider a high-premium plan. It offers low-out-of-pocket maximums, but the insurer covers your medical expenses sooner because you’ll reach your limit faster.

The cheapest individual plan is with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield at $476 monthly with an out-of-pocket maximum of $3,200.

Cheapest health plan with high out-of-pocket maximums 

An ideal plan for young people with low medical expenses is a low premium with high out-of-pocket maximums. The cost is high if you have a medical emergency, but you only pay it if needed.

The cheapest plan is with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield at $142 monthly with an out-of-pocket maximum of roughly $8,250.

Cheapest health plan with an HSA option

A health savings (HSA) plan is great for those with low medical expenses. You only use tax-free savings account if you have medical expenses. The cheapest is Ambetter from New Hampshire Healthy Families at $262 monthly.

Cheapest HMO/PPO/POS

You can choose a PPO, EPO, or HMO plan in New Hampshire. HMOs are always the most affordable, but EPO doesn’t have restrictions about going to a specialist without a referral. PPOs are the most expensive plans but offer a more comprehensive network of providers and flexibility. The cheapest individual and family plans for each are:

  • EPO: Ambetter from New Hampshire Healthy Families at $325 monthly.
  • HMO: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield at $313 monthly.
  • PPO: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield at $450 monthly.


How expensive is health insurance in New Hampshire?

On average, the cost of health insurance in New Hampshire is $310 monthly across all metal tiers.

Do you need health insurance in New Hampshire?

The Affordable Care Act says that you must have health insurance. But the federal tax penalty for not having insurance has been “zeroed out.” You have to report your coverage on your tax return, but you won’t have to pay the penalty for no coverage.

Is healthcare good in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire has the 13th best healthcare in the United States.

Does NH have Medicaid?

Yes, Medicaid is available in New Hampshire for qualified low-income people. 

What companies provide health insurance in New Hampshire?

The marketplace’s health insurance companies are Harvard Pilgrim, Ambetter, and Matthew Thornton/Anthem.

How to buy cheap health insurance plans in New Hampshire

Finding cheap health insurance in New Hampshire has never been easier. Simply use our online health insurance quote tool to get several quotes quickly.

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