Find Affordable Renters Insurance In Hawaii

WRITTEN BY: Mark Romero


Your landlord’s insurance in Hawaii doesn’t cover your personal property. It would be best if you had renters insurance. But the cheapest company for your renters insurance isn’t always the best choice.

Multiple weather risks, like Hawaiian hurricanes, cause home insurance claims. These include droughts, flooding, and wildfires. For renters insurance in Hawaii, you should compare premiums across several companies and their coverage options.

How Much Is A Renters Insurance Policy in Hawaii?

The average premium for a standard renters insurance policy in Hawaii is around $19 a month ($228 per year). Hawaii renters insurance is 26% less than the national average in the U.S. Insurance companies look at many factors when determining their rates.

Your renters insurance rates may depend on the company or the insurance coverage you need. In Hawaii, your insurance agent can’t use consumer credit ratings to determine premiums. Here are some of the best renters insurance companies in Hawaii by price, coverage options, and service.

Cheapest renters insurance company in Hawaii

Liberty Mutual Insurance provides Hawaii renters with some of the cheapest renters insurance quotes. A policy for Hawaii renters insurance with Liberty Mutual costs only $15 per month.

Be aware renters can only purchase $25,000 of personal property coverage with Liberty Mutual. The amount is less than most major insurers and may not be enough coverage for you. State Farm is another cheap renters insurance company in Hawaii with an average policy cost of $139 per year.

Renters insurance policy in Hawaii with the best coverage options

Liberty Mutual does offer earthquake and flood insurance options. But GEICO is Hawaii’s insurance company for more personal property coverage. If you have valuables or just a lot of stuff, you can expand your coverage limits quickly with GEICO.

The company provides optional coverage for losses from earthquakes, water backing up, and identity theft. You also can get discounts by bundling your auto insurance with your renters policy.

Renters insurance policy in Hawaii with the best customer service

Military families often reside in Hawaii, and USAA insurance is an excellent option for families with military ties. The company sells renters insurance policies to military members, veterans, and their families.

USAA’s basic policy covers earthquake and flood damage, more than average renters insurance carriers. It also has the highest customer service ratings, with an A++ on the J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey.

What Determines Renters’ Insurance Costs in Hawaii?

Multiple factors can determine your liability coverage costs for renters insurance. You may also be eligible for discounts if you bundle your renters insurance with your Hawaiian car insurance policy. When purchasing a renters insurance policy, it would be best to keep these things in mind.


You need to pay a deductible when filing a claim on your policy. If you want a higher payout for your personal belongings, you should select a policy with a lower deductible. But, policies with reduced deductibles often have higher insurance premiums.


Where you live in Hawaii also affects your insurance premiums. For example, more populated cities like Honolulu and Hilo can be more expensive than Haleiwa, a less populated city.

Your location also factors in risks like natural disasters, extreme climates, and high crime rates. Insurance providers are more likely to increase the cost of liability insurance for those risks.

Coverage amounts

Your renters insurance covers a lot, but not necessarily everything you need. If you need add-ons or to increase your coverage limits, it drives up your monthly premiums. It’s a good idea to inventory your home and decide what valuables need coverage.

What Does Hawaii Renters Insurance Cover?

A good chunk (almost 40%) of Hawaii’s residents are renters. It’s good to know what your renters insurance policy covers. A standard renters insurance policy covers the following:

  • Personal property
  • Liability insurance
  • Medical payments
  • Additional living expenses

In Hawaii, personal property insurance typically includes damage caused by extreme events. These events usually include windstorms or lightning strikes.

What Hawaii renters insurance doesn’t cover

Understanding what isn’t covered by your renters insurance policy is just as essential as knowing what it does cover. Island insurance for renters usually excludes the following:

  • Flooding (you’ll need to get a separate flood insurance policy)
  • Earthquake damages
  • Structural damages (your landlord’s Hawaiian home insurance policy should cover this)
  • Roommates’ personal property (they need their own renters insurance policy)
  • Valuables (you can get an additional rider or higher coverage limits).

To understand what your renters insurance policy covers, an insurance agent can help explain your use coverage.

Actual cash value (ACV) or replacement cost value (RCV)?

When you file a renters insurance claim, you can buy an ACV or RCV policy, depending on how you want your belongings priced. ACV considers personal property loses value over time, so older items get less reimbursement. RCV pays for a new product of the same type and quality. So, higher compensation for loss of use means paying more for an RCV policy.


How much is renters insurance per month in Hawaii?

A standard renters insurance policy in Hawaii costs around $19 monthly or $228 annually.

Do you need renters insurance in Hawaii?

The state laws in Hawaii don’t require you to buy a renters insurance policy. But it’s best to protect yourself and your personal property if you purchase one. In some cases, landlords may require tenants to have a policy before renting.

How much is renters insurance in Honolulu, Hawaii?

The average cost of renters insurance in Honolulu, Hawaii, is around $174 per year. But many factors determine insurance premiums, such as your coverage options, deductible, and location.

What is the average cost of renters insurance in Hawaii?

Your renters insurance rates vary depending on coverage levels. The cheapest company isn’t always the best one. The average cost for a renters policy is around $228 annually.

What is the difference between renters insurance and tenant insurance?

There is a primary difference between renters insurance and tenant liability insurance. The renters insurance policy covers the tenant’s personal property in the event of a disaster. Tenant insurance covers damages to the landlord’s property caused directly by the tenant.

Finding Renters Insurance In Hawaii

Purchasing a renters insurance policy in Hawaii can be challenging. Researching reviews, inquiring about multiple insurance rates, and determining your coverage needs are necessary to find the best policy.

Your landlord may already carry a home insurance policy. But who covers your medical expenses in a natural disaster or vandalism? Protect yourself and your belongings by purchasing a renters insurance policy in Hawaii.