How Long Does a Speeding Ticket Stay On Your Record?

WRITTEN BY: Julia Matseikovich


What happens when you receive a speeding ticket? How long will it stay on my driving record? How will I be affected by the state’s point system and my auto insurance rates?

Moving traffic violations can cause your auto insurance premiums to increase, add points to your driving record, and determine your driving privileges. The severity of the traffic ticket will determine how you will be affected.

How long does a speeding ticket stay on your DMV record?

Usually, a speeding ticket will stay on your DMV driving record for three years. Each state determines the length of time that moving violations remain on your driving record. You can expect a surcharge on your auto insurance during these three years to increase the premium. You can also expect points on your driver’s license report.

Is a speeding ticket an infraction or a misdemeanor?

Each state has different laws classifying a speeding ticket as an infraction or a misdemeanor charge. In most states, if you receive a speeding ticket for going between 10 to 15 miles an hour over the posted speed limit, it will be considered an infraction. However, the higher your speed is over the posted limit can result in a misdemeanor or even a felony charge.

How many points does a speeding ticket add to your license?

The number of points added to your driver’s license is based on the severity of the speeding ticket you are issued and varies by state. Points can remain on your driver’s license from one to ten years and even longer in some states.

Nine states do ’t use the points system; they will keep track of your driving record and judge for license suspension or revocation.

Can a speeding ticket cause you to lose your license?

You can lose your driver’s license due to speeding tickets. You would unlikely lose your driver’s license due to a single speeding ticket. Your driver’s license can be suspended or revoked when you have multiple traffic violations quickly.

Depending on the state where you reside, you can accumulate points on your driving record for many different reasons, such as not having your child in a seat belt, texting while driving, or getting caught running a red light on a traffic camera.

Speeding Tickets and Your Car Insurance Rates

Speeding tickets and increases in your auto insurance rates go hand in hand. Even with a single speeding ticket, your auto insurance premium can increase by twenty-five to forty-five percent.

However, the increase will depend on which state you live in, the severity of the speeding ticket, and with which auto insurance company you have coverage.

Will a speeding ticket increase your rates?

Receiving any moving violation, including speeding tickets, will cause an auto insurance increase. In some states, you can reduce the amount the policy will rise by taking a defensive driving course.

Completing a defensive driving course in some states, like New Jersey, can keep driver’s license points from being added to your driver’s license. Most of the time, these traffic schools are available online and, E once completed, are then reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles to be listed on your driving record.

How long does a speeding ticket affect your car insurance rates?

A speeding ticket can affect car insurance rates for three to five years, even for a minor speeding ticket. If your speeding results in an auto accident or property damage or is considered street racing, you could have your car insurance policy canceled and denied coverage by other car insurance companies.

Speeding violations

Speeding violations on your driving history can vary if you’re charged with racing or driving many miles above the posted limit. Tickets can incur charges such as reckless driving, street racing, and other offenses.

These offenses would seriously affect your driver’s points and eligibility to purchase auto insurance as you will be considered high risk.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance After a Speeding Ticket

Once you have a speeding ticket on your driver’s license, you can try several things to reduce the rate increase you expect on car insurance premiums. You can shop for auto insurance through other companies, check all the discounts available, review your credit score, and take a defensive driving course.

Shopping for auto insurance

Have your current insurance policy declaration page and review quotes with several auto insurance companies. Compare your rates, discounts, and exclusions.

Review your credit score

Your credit score plays an essential role in your auto insurance costs. If your credit has improved since you initially applied for your auto policy, you may be able to lower the policy’s premium.

Defensive driving course

Completing a defensive driving course can reduce the points assigned to your driver’s license after getting a speeding ticket. Your auto insurance policy may also have a discount for completing the course.


How many points is a speeding ticket in Pennsylvania?

It is two points if you exceed the posted speed limit between six to 10 mph. Exceeding the posted speed limit from eleven to 15 mph will cost you three points. It is four points if you exceed the posted speed limit from sixteen to twenty-five mph.

However, if you have exceeded the posted limit of more than eleven mph in a marked work zone, your driver’s license will also be suspended for fifteen days.

How long do tickets stay on record Virginia?

In Virginia, a traffic violation ticket can stay on your driving history from three to 11 years. Most insurance companies only consider the past three years when quoting car insurance rates.

How long do tickets stay on your record in California?

In California, traffic violations can remain on your driving history for three years if they are minor and ten years for major violations.

How long does a speeding ticket stay on your record?

How long a speeding ticket stays on your record varies by state. Check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles for this information.

How long do speeding tickets stay on your driving record in New York?

In New York, a minor speeding ticket will only stay on your driving record for eighteen months.

Is speeding a misdemeanor in PA?

A minor speeding ticket in Pennsylvania isn’t considered a misdemeanor. Pennsylvania considers this a traffic violation.

How much is an 80 mph speeding ticket in California?

If you drive between twenty-six mph over the posted speed limit but less than one hundred mph, you can expect to pay approximately $500.00 in California.

Will a ticket in California stay on your record?

A minor traffic ticket in California stays on your record for three years, but a significant traffic violation can start on your driving record for up to ten years.

What is the penalty for a speeding ticket in California?

In California, speeding fines can range from $35.00 to $500.00 depending on your location, the mph over the speed limit, court costs, and fees.

How do I remove a speeding ticket from my driving record in PA?

A speeding ticket stays on your driving record in Pennsylvania for one year. To remove a speeding ticket from your driving record, you could dispute the ticket in court or take a defensive driving course within 30 days of receiving the speeding ticket.

How To Get Insurance With a Speeding Ticket On Your Record

With a speeding ticket on your driving record, getting auto insurance can be difficult. Every state has various laws regarding traffic violations that will affect your ability to get affordable auto insurance.

The best way to accomplish this is to get several quotes to compare auto insurance rates.