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Defensive driving courses are an excellent way to sharpen your driving skills and have lower auto insurance rates in the state of New Jersey. You can also take a course after a traffic violation or a court order in the Garden State. Let’s look at defensive driving courses in New Jersey, including their cost, who can take a class, and why you should take one. 

What is a defensive driving course?

A defensive driving course is a class that teaches you to drive safely and react to various scenarios, including severe weather, aggressive drivers, and other incidents. Drivers in the courses learn how to respond to these risks, reduce further damage, and make informed, safe decisions on the road. 

Once you finish your driving courses, you receive a certificate of completion. You can then show the certificate to your insurance agent, the court, or anyone who needs proof of your course participation.

Who is eligible to take a defensive driving course?

Most drivers can take a defensive driving class. Drivers with a learner’s permit can’t take a defensive driving course in most states. Other questions for eligibility vary by insurance provider and the person’s driving record. A court may also require you to take a defensive driving course after a traffic violation. 

The official New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) maintains a list of state-approved defensive driving courses if you need or want to take a class. All of the approved courses are based specifically on New Jersey traffic laws; each is a 6-hour course.

Reasons people take defense driving courses

You may take a defensive driving course in New Jersey for several reasons. It’s common to take these classes to:

  • Reduce points off your driver’s license
  • Earn up to a 10% discount on car insurance premiums
  • Meet a school or employment requirement
  • Improve driver safety
  • Avoid points after a traffic ticket

One of the best reasons to take a defensive driving class is to practice safe driving. Safer driving will help reduce the chance of a car accident and injury to yourself or others. 

Auto insurance discounts and limitations

Three-year insurance discounts for defensive driving course participation are mandatory in the Garden State. New Jersey drivers can take a defensive driving course every three years to renew the insurance discount.

Benefits of taking a defensive driving course

Various benefits come with defensive driving courses in New Jersey. Participating can give you a valuable discount, but that’s not all. Benefits of taking a drivers course include:

  • Eliminating extra points on your driver’s license
  • Reducing the number of points on your driver’s license
  • Refresh your driving knowledge
  • Minimize chances of wrecks
  • Improve driving skills overall 

Better driving can also reduce the need for expensive car repairs since you will handle your car safely and securely on the road, thus minimizing damage. If you take a course for point reduction, you can only reduce your points every five years.

How long is a defensive driving course?

A defensive driving course varies in length by state. In New Jersey, defensive driving courses must be a minimum of six hours. Drivers can take the course all at once or split it on their own time.

In-person versus online courses

New Jersey drivers can choose to take online or in-person classroom defensive driving courses.  Online driver courses feature learning modules, quizzes, and a final exam. Online courses are more convenient since you can access them anytime and review the material at your own pace. Customer support is also available with online courses and will answer your questions. 

Cheap online defensive driving courses in New Jersey

New Jersey has multiple options for affordable defensive driving classes. You can find MVC-approved courses in both English and Espanol. Browse the list of course providers below. 


How much is a defensive driving course in New Jersey?

Prices for defensive driving courses in New Jersey vary, ranging from $20 to $40 a course. Considering the value a defensive driving course can add, especially if you face an increase in your insurance rates after a traffic violation, it’s a worthwhile investment. 

How do I get a defensive driving certificate in NJ?

If you take a defensive driving course in New Jersey, you can receive a course competition certificate only if the course is certified by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJ MVC).  Once you complete the course, you get your certificate in person or printed online.

Is NJ defensive driving course online?

Yes. Some New Jersey defensive driving courses are online. An online defensive driving course is a great way to take it because you can do it on your own time and at your own pace.

How long is NJ defensive driving course?

A defensive driving course in New Jersey is six hours. The state requires defensive driving classes to last a minimum of six hours.

What is the course fee for a New Jersey defensive driving course?

Defensive driving classes in New Jersey cost less than $50 and are affordable. The specific price depends on the course, but prices start at around $18.95.

Do I need to take a NJ defensive driving course to get a NJ driver’s license?

No. To get a driver’s license, you don’t need a defensive driving class in New Jersey. If it’s your first driver’s license or permit, you can take driver’s education classes in most public schools or with outside companies.

What is the NJ defensive driving course cost?

You can anticipate paying $20 to $40 for a class in defensive driving in New Jersey.  The course is a valuable investment, especially if you want to reduce points off your license.

What are the benefits of taking a NJ defensive driving course?

There are several benefits to taking a course. You can save yourself from extra points on your license after a traffic violation, receive an insurance discount, and reduce the points on your license.

Are the NJ defensive driving courses available in Spanish?

Yes. Multiple defensive driving courses in New Jersey are available in Spanish to make them more accessible for drivers.

Need insurance after defensive driving courses in New Jersey?

Whether you have a few points on your driver’s license, you need to reduce your insurance rate, or you’ve been court-ordered to take it, a defensive driving course in New Jersey is a good investment. You will reduce your risk on the road, plus you may save yourself money when you take an approved course. Whatever your reason for taking the course, you should consider shopping for the best insurance rates for your needs. We’re ready to help you find your best car insurance company in New Jersey, just use our online tool and get free quotes now.

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