Guide To SR-22 Insurance In South Carolina

WRITTEN BY: Julia Matseikovich


High-risk drivers in South Carolina with severe driving violations, including at-fault accidents, hit-and-runs, and Driving Under the Influence (DUI) need SR-22 insurance. SR-22 insurance in the Palmetto State can be costly, especially with a DUI or history of driving while uninsured. Below you can learn more about SR-22 insurance in South Carolina, how much SR-22 filing costs, how to get it, and how you can save on premiums.

South Carolina SR-22 Insurance: What You Need to Know

Even though it’s referred to as “insurance,” SR-22 insurance isn’t an insurance policy. An SR-22 is a form of financial responsibility that certifies you meet the South Carolina minimum coverage requirements of 25/50/25 or:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per person
  • $50,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per accident
  • $25,000 in property damage liability coverage per accident

Your car insurance company files your SR-22 form with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) when requested. Your car insurance premiums will increase by 20% or more after an SR-22 filing and, often, by 50% or more after a DUI and SR-22. An SR-22 marks you as a high-risk driver. 

How much does SR-22 insurance cost in South Carolina?

The cost of SR-22 insurance in South Carolina ranges from $15 to $50 for your insurance carrier to file the certificate. After they file the SR-22 certificate, your insurer increases your rates, with the increase based on the circumstances leading to the SR-22. A DUI conviction significantly raises your car insurance premium.

State Farm is the auto insurance company with the smallest average insurance premium after an SR-22 and DUI at 62%. The most expensive carrier for SR-22 insurance in South Carolina is GEICO, with an average rate increase of over 100%. Your premium rate for SR-22 coverage will vary based on your vehicle, location, carrier, age, gender, and driving history. 

CompanyAvg. Cost per Month With an SR-22 & DUIAvg. Cost Increase After a DUI
State Farm$6762%

When are you required to get SR-22 certificate in South Carolina?

The South Carolina DMV requires SR-22 certificates from drivers with the following major traffic violations:

  • DUI
  • Hit-and-run
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Unpaid judgments
  • Reckless driving

How long do you have to carry an SR-22 in SC?

South Carolina DMV requires an SR-22 for at least three years. The exact time length depends on your driving violation, and more time is possible, especially after a driver’s license suspension. 

How a DUI impacts your car insurance rates in South Carolina

A DUI in South Carolina requires an SR-22 as a condition of reinstating your driving privileges. A DUI conviction is one of the most serious driving violations for an SR-22, so your car insurance rates will increase by 50% or more. 

Driving without insurance

Driving while uninsured in South Carolina is a traffic offense that results in an SR-22. A charge for driving without insurance coverage can increase your car insurance rates. In addition, the DMV charges uninsured motorist fines and may also suspend your driver’s license. 

Non-owner SR-22 insurance in SC

If the South Carolina DMV requires you have an SR-22 after a traffic violation, but you don’t own a car, you can purchase non-owner insurance. Non-owner SR-22 insurance lets you meet the state insurance requirements and typically comes at lower rates than regular SR-22 insurance. The lower cost for SR-22 forms as a non-owner is because you won’t drive as much as someone who owns a vehicle.

How to get SR-22 insurance in South Carolina

If you need SR-22 insurance in South Carolina, first, you need to inform your current insurance provider. If you don’t own a car, look for a carrier that offers non-owner SR-22 insurance. You will then pay a small filing fee, and the insurer will submit your SR-22 form to the South Carolina DMV. Your insurance carrier will then inform you of the rate increase based on the offense requiring an SR-22. 


How much does SR-22 insurance in South Carolina cost?

SR-22 insurance in South Carolina costs $50 for the certificate. After you need an SR-22, your insurance company will raise your rates by 20% or more. The exact cost of your SR-22 insurance depends on your carrier, age, vehicle, and other factors.

Who sells SR-22 insurance for South Carolina drivers?

Various car insurance companies offer SR-22 insurance in the Palmetto State. Your current car insurer may offer SR-22 forms. If you need SR-22 insurance and your insurer doesn’t offer the form, you must purchase it from a carrier that does. 

What if you don’t own a car and need SR-22 insurance?

If the state of South Carolina says you need SR-22 insurance before you can legally drive but don’t own a vehicle, you can opt for non-owner car insurance. Non-owner insurance isn’t as expensive as traditional SR-22 insurance, but you may still have a higher insurance premium than a driver with a good driving record.

What does SR-22 stand for?

SR-22 is another word for “safety responsibility.” The term refers to a financial responsibility certificate that states you hold the minimum car insurance South Carolina requires. 

Do you need an SR-22 in South Carolina after a DUI?

Yes. South Carolina requires an SR-22 form after a driver’s first DUI offense. Subsequent DUIs and other driving offenses also require an SR-22. 

Compare SR-22 insurance in South Carolina

SR-22 insurance in South Carolina is necessary for high-risk drivers with DUIs, hit-and-runs, a history of driving without insurance, and other violations. The cost for SR-22 forms in South Carolina is minimal, but you might face insurance premium increases of 50% or more.

If you need an SR-22 certificate in SC, you should compare rates for other insurers beyond your own to see how much you can save. With our simple but thorough tool, you can compare various car insurance quotes online. Retrieve your free quotes now.