Car Insurance For High-Risk Drivers In Alaska

WRITTEN BY: Julia Matseikovich


You might be a candidate for high-risk auto insurance if you’ve been involved in an at-fault accident, received a citation or DUI violation, or filed a claim. Unfortunately, this type of coverage is typically more expensive, but how much more depends on your driving record, insurer, and where you live. Learn more about insurance options for high-risk drivers in Alaska.

What Is a High-Risk Driver?

You don’t need a bad record to be considered a high-risk driver. There are many factors to determine whether you’re a high-risk driver. High-risk drivers include:

  • Have DUI convictions, at-fault accidents, or speeding tickets
  • Are newly licensed
  • Have poor credit
  • Are elderly
  • Have allowed your coverage to lapse
  • Own an exotic or high-powered vehicle

High-risk auto companies cover Alaskan drivers with an SR22, which shows you have enough insurance after a violation.

What makes car insurance prices for high-risk drivers in Alaska:

Best Car Insurance Companies in Alaska For High-Risk Drivers

Many factors come into play when determining the best rates for high-risk car insurance in Alaska. Your driving record and credit score are vital in deciding what high-risk drivers pay.

Some companies offer cheap car insurance rates if you’re a high-risk driver. We compared the best insurance companies that offer plans for high-risk drivers, and USAA consistently provided average rates, with a premium of $659 yearly. Progressive and Allstate aren’t the best choices, as there are the most expensive for high-risk drivers.

How much does high-risk car insurance cost?

High-risk drivers pay more for auto insurance than regular drivers. On average, high-risk drivers pay $1,085 yearly for the minimum coverage required by Alaska state law. The cost more than doubles if you’re looking for full coverage.

How to get insurance if insurers won’t cover you

Most states require car insurance, but not all insurance companies cover high-risk drivers. Two options are available if you’re looking for a cheap auto insurance policy: state-sponsored automobile insurance plans and nonstandard insurance companies.

Nonstandard insurance companies specialize in Alaskan car insurance for drivers who struggle to find insurance.

Your driving history is a massive factor in why you’re considered a high-risk driver. One of the most common reasons is violations such as a DUI or speeding tickets showing up. A clean driving record allows you to have lower rates.

State Farm is ranked as one of the best insurers for high-risk drivers due to cheap auto insurance and customer satisfaction. State Farm rates are 25.06% more affordable than the Alaska state average.

USAA scores best overall but is only available to military families. They have excellent customer service and great premiums.

The cost of high-risk car insurance: drivers with poor credit

Credit score comes into play because insurers believe that people with bad credit scores make more accident claims. Finding cheap car insurance might be hard to find with bad credit.

For example, the average cost of car insurance for drivers with a credit score below 578 is $2,945, with Progressive in auto insurance yearly. At the same time, the average cost of car insurance in Alaska from Progressive is only $1,900 annually.

Cheapest car insurance for high-risk drivers in Alaska with speeding tickets

If you have speeding tickets on your record, the cheapest car insurance coverage is with State Farm. They offer full coverage auto insurance rates to Alaska drivers for around $1,372 yearly or $114 monthly. Auto insurance companies raise your rates if you continually get speeding tickets.

How does a ticket for distracted driving impact car insurance rates in Alaska?

Expect your annual car insurance premium to increase if you get a ticket for distracted driving. Alaska car insurance rates typically increase by $225 yearly, about a 20% increase compared to the state’s average annual rate.


What is the best car insurance company for high-risk drivers?

State Farm is the cheapest for high-risk auto insurance rates at $1,204 yearly. Progressive is second at $1,458. The most expensive auto insurance coverage rate is with GEICO at $2,440.

What do insurance companies consider high risk?

You’re considered a high-risk driver if you have multiple speeding tickets, traffic citations, one or more car accidents, or a DUI on your driving record.

What does high risk mean for car insurance?

High-risk auto insurance is coverage you buy when an insurance company decides you’re at risk of getting into an accident and filing a claim.

Do high-risk vehicles have high insurance premiums?

Yes, if you’re considered high-risk, your Alaska auto insurance premium will be higher than if you had a clean driving record.

What is the minimum coverage for high-risk drivers?

Alaska drivers must carry minimum liability insurance coverage of $50,000 for bodily injury liability coverage or death. $100,000 for total bodily injury death and $25,000 for property damage liability.

What does it mean if you have high car insurance premiums?

Expensive auto insurance rates include your driving record, coverage options, age, credit history, the car you drive, and where you live. Insurance companies link to an increased likelihood that you get into an accident or file a claim.

What are factors that determine your risk as a driver?

The things that determine your risk as a driver is: being a young driver, Distracted driving, having a record of car accidents, speeding tickets, DUI, and being elderly.

How can a high-risk driver get car insurance?

Contact multiple car insurance companies to determine who has the lowest rates. Not all insurance providers offer insurance for high-risk drivers.

What is the difference between high risk and standard risk?

High-risk insurance is for drivers who are considered to be at risk of getting into an accident and filing a claim. Standard risk is when you have a clean driving record. Certain insurance requirements allow you to fall into one category or the other.

How to Find Cheap Car Insurance For High-Risk Drivers In Alaska

Purchasing cheap car insurance in Alaska for high-risk drivers through a reputable auto insurance company is simple. Obtaining car insurance quotes has never been easier.

If you’re ready to get the cheapest auto insurance, it’s as simple as comparing rates as amounts vary by company. We have a helpful tool to find the best car insurance.