The General Auto Insurance Review (updated for 2023)

WRITTEN BY: Julia Matseikovich


About The General

The General auto insurance has been an American staple in the insurance industry since 1963. They are headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and run by Tony DeSantis, the President and CEO of The General. Unlike many other insurers, The General focuses only on automobile insurance.

They are known for providing coverage to ‘high risk’ individuals or those who have had a few accidents or tickets on their record. Those drivers tend to have higher premiums due to their higher risk. In 2012, The General was bought by American Family Insurance, but they still retain its brand.

Physical locations for The General exist along the eastern United States. Several stores are open in their home state of Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Texas. There are even a few additional spreading further west, in Arizona, California, and Colorado.  

Satisfaction ratings

  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Consumer Reports Rating: Lower Than Average Satisfaction
  • JD Power Rating:  n/a

The General auto insurance pros and cons

  • Will not turn customers away if they have a bad driving record.
  • With the online tool, you can get a quote in under 2 minutes, and a policy in 5.
  • TThey offer 12-month policies too.
  • Encourages bare-bones, minimum coverage options for lowering rates.
  • Requires any household member over 14 to be on the policy, regardless of their driving status.
  • No online claims support center.

The General car insurance review

2.9 Star Rating from AgileRates

AgileRates editors gave The General a 2.9/5, based on customer reviews and ratings from organizations like Moody’s and the Better Business Bureau. Despite its lower-than-average rating, consumers tend to be drawn by affordable prices, an easily navigable website, and good customer service from The General’s team. However, with hundreds of complaints filed over the years leading to an NAIC rating of 5.86, there is still much room for improvement before achieving complete consumer satisfaction.

Policies offered by The General auto insurance

Here are some of the types of coverages offered by The General:

  • Liability: The General combines personal injury and property damage under one set, with several options for deductibles and coverage variations.
  • Collision: This is standard coverage necessary if you don’t yet own your vehicle. If you have an accident and hit something, whether it’s another vehicle or a fire hydrant, this coverage will help.
  • Comprehensive: If it’s not a collision, it’s comprehensive, also known as “other than collision.” Things like scratched paint, broken windows, and stolen radios all fall under this helm.

Upgrades and addons

Here are some of the upgrades and extra features you can add to your policy:

  • Custom Equipment: The General allows you to choose whether or not replacement equipment is brand name or the less expensive off-brand choices.
  • Hospital Indemnity: The option to purchase this plan comes with getting a quote from The General, even though it isn’t included in most auto insurances. It gives coverage for death and dismemberment, and you must choose which drivers have coverage and which do not.
  • Rental Reimbursement: If your vehicle is indisposed for a covered reason, The General will help pay expenses for a rental vehicle up to a certain amount.

Available discounts through The General auto insurance

You can earn discounts with the following General programs:

  • Double Deductible: If you’re willing to double the deductible of your choice for the first 45 days of your policy, The General will take a sizable chunk off your premium.
  • Pay in Full: This plan does not need to worry about monthly bills or installment fees. And if it’s a viable option for you, you save money with an additional discount.
  • Quarterly Plan: Some states allow for insurance premiums to be paid quarterly. If your state does, and that’s your option, The General will give you a partial discount.
  • Accident Prevention: Have you ever taken an Accident Prevention Course your state vehicle department approves? If so, you qualify for another discount.
  • Good Driver: Have you been accident-free for three years? The General will give you a major discount on premium pricing.

Special programs

The General tends toward barebones insurance coverage to keep it affordable for their high-risk clients. That means they don’t have very many (or any) special programs to enroll in since most of their customers wouldn’t benefit from them.

However, they have an App available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play. You can use the app to navigate your policy, check on your coverages, see your premium due, review the covered vehicles, and look into any active claims.

What you need to apply

Have this information on hand to get a fast, accurate quote:

  • Your Personal Information: Naturally, to calculate a premium for you, you will need to enter your name, birthday, and perhaps some more personal details like your social security number.
  • Address: Where is your car going to and from every day? Do you live in a big city? A small town? Your address greatly affects your driving, and The General needs to know where you live to determine how risky it is to dry there. 
  • VIN: This 16-digit number is located inside your car door or auto manual, among other places. It belongs only to your vehicle and can identify the features included. If you don’t have it, you can still use the year, make, and model for a close estimate.
  • Email: As with any online quote, The General wants to be able to contact you online after you’re through with your quote. If you go through with buying the policy, this will be how it is sent to you and how changes are communicated.


What kind of insurance is The General?

The General is a car insurance company that offers liability, collision, comprehensive, and other types of auto insurance coverage.

How long has The General car insurance been around?

The General car insurance has been around since 1963.

Is The General the same as Progressive?

No. The General isn’t the same as Progressive. They both offer car insurance policies. However, Progressive is a larger insurance company and controls more of the market share, so it has more options. The General typically has better rates for high-risk drivers, though.

Compare The General auto insurance policies

Finding the right car insurance can be tough, but with The General Auto Insurance, you can compare and save. We’ve outlined some of the discounts available through The General and their coverages to make an informed decision about your car insurance policy.

With our help, you can get a great rate on auto coverage from a reputable company. Head to our quote form now and get started on your free quote!