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Does Car Color Affect Insurance

WRITTEN BY: Julia Matseikovich


When you decide to buy a vehicle, sometimes color is important. Maybe you always imagined having a red sports car or a bright yellow Jeep. Obviously, car color is a huge preference. But does car color affect insurance? We’re going to answer all your car colors questions right now.

Car Color and Insurance Quicklinks

Does the Color of Your Car Affect Your Insurance Rates?

The good news is, that the idea of your car’s color affecting your car insurance rates is just a myth. When it comes to insurance, there are plenty of factors that go into determining your car insurance rates, such as driving history, address, and age, but color isn’t one of them.

The auto insurance color myth

There are many reasons some cars are more expensive than others to insure. Maybe you want to buy a new car instead of a used one.  Or, you purchased a foreign car instead of a domestic one. When it comes to determining your car insurance rates, there are numerous factors in play, but the color of your vehicle only matters if you have an expensive after-market paint job.

In fact, some insurers don’t even ask you about the color of your car. These are common vehicle details that you do have to provide to your insurance company:

  • Vehicle year
  • The model of the car
  • The make of your car
  • Engine size
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Why Do People Believe That Color Affects Insurance Rates?

Why do 40% of car owners believe that the color red will get them a higher insurance rate? Maybe it’s because red cars tend to cost more or are most often associated with sports cars. However, you might be surprised to find that the colors white, blue, red, and black tend to be the most expensive car colors because they are more in demand.  Cars can be more expensive because of color, but your insurance rates won’t go up because of your color. If you want lower premiums, focus on conservative and family-friendly cars instead of a luxury dream car.

Do Custom Paint Jobs Affect Your Car Insurance Rates?

Regular paint colors will not affect your car insurance rates. However, there is one time when the color might change your premium. Custom paint jobs and car wraps can increase your car insurance rates. 

If you have an after-market paint job or wrap, consider getting coverage for aftermarket modifications, This is typically called custom equipment and parts coverage, and it covers anything customized on your vehicle.  

What Factors Affect Your Car Insurance Rates?

If color is not something to worry about then what does impact your car insurance rates? Factors that determine car insurance premiums include gender, age, driving history, years of driving experience, make and model of vehicle, and mileage. Where you live and the crime rates in the area can also affect your rates. What Colors Should You Avoid?

There aren’t any specific car colors that you have to avoid when purchasing a car. The only time that you should consider color is if you are getting a custom paint job or a body wrap. A custom paint job or wrap might not cause a significant change in your premium, but that type of coverage does cost extra.

Car Color and Insurance FAQs

What color cars are more expensive to insure?

Colors won’t impact your car insurance rate, but certain colors can be more expensive to purchase. Blue, red, white, gray, and black typically cost more because they are in high demand.

Do red cars have higher car insurance rates?

It’s a myth that red cars are more expensive to insure. The color of the car you drive does not affect your car insurance rate.

Are there any car colors you should avoid?

There are no colors that you should avoid. If anything, don’t choose a custom color unless you’re okay with paying for extra coverage. 

Will a custom paint job increase my car insurance costs?

Custom paint jobs and body wraps can increase your car insurance rates slightly. This is because it would cost more to repaint or rewrap the car in the event of a loss.

Why do people think car color affects insurance rates?

Many people have been led to believe white or red cars cause more accidents or are considered high-risk. That is a myth however and color doesn’t affect your car insurance rates. 

Does Car Color Affect Insurance?

The bottom line is, the color of your car won’t increase or decrease your car insurance rates. If you want to save money on car insurance, getting multiple quotes is the best thing you can do.

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