DoorDash Drivers: What Kind of Car Insurance Do You Need?

WRITTEN BY: Julia Matseikovich


If you’re a DoorDash driver, you must ensure additional insurance to your standard policy. Your normal coverage won’t cover you while using your car for business purposes. Usually, if you drive for work, you’d need commercial car insurance, but how does this work when using your vehicle for delivery service?

What Type of Car Insurance Does DoorDash Supply?

DoorDash provides a basic liability insurance policy for all of its drivers. It covers you for up to 1 million dollars if you get into an accident while on an active delivery. DoorDash coverage is excess only.

One million dollars sounds like a lot of coverage. This means it must be a great insurance policy, right? 

Eh, not so much.

In the small print, you see DoorDash coverage applies only after you go through your auto insurance policy. If you don’t have your own insurance, DoorDash’s policy won’t cover anything. 

You’re only covered while actively completing a delivery

DoorDash’s insurance policy only comes into effect when you’re on an ‘active delivery’. This means you are only covered when you accept a delivery request until your customer receives their order or the order is canceled. 

DoorDash’s liability insurance doesn’t cover you while you’re on your way to pick up an order or while you’re back from dropping off an order. Your car insurance policy ensures you’re protected anytime you’re driving, regardless of your actions.

DoorDash insurance only covers third-party damage and injuries

DoorDash car insurance only covers injury to a third party or damage to a third party’s vehicle. That means you still need your insurance to cover any damages to your vehicle. You must ensure that the policy covers you as a DoorDash driver and isn’t just standard insurance.

What Type of Car Insurance Policy Do I Need as a DoorDash Driver?

Car insurance companies see delivery and rideshare drivers as at higher risk than people who only use their vehicles for leisure and commuting. People who drive for work will likely be on the road more often and, therefore, have more chance of getting into an accident. 

For that reason, they tend to charge more for insurance premiums for business use.

DoorDash insurance policies

There aren’t any specific food delivery service insurance policies. You should speak to your insurance provider to find exactly what cover they can offer you. They may ask how often you’ll use your car for work purposes. 

Ride-share coverage

Some personal insurance companies will offer an inexpensive ‘ride-share’ add-on to your existing policy that will cover you if you drive for DoorDash. Other times, your insurance company may bundle it into your standard coverage. Speak to your insurance company to find the best way to get covered.

Commercial coverage

Commercial insurance policies are typically best for people using their vehicles mainly for business use. If you’re a full-time delivery driver, this will suit you.

Business-use coverage

This is an optional add-on offered by most insurance companies. It means you’re covered if you occasionally use your vehicle for business purposes. This isn’t suitable if you deliver food full time, but it can be a great solution for insurance if DoorDash is your side hustle or part-time job.

Do DoorDash Jobs Affect My Current Car Insurance?

Your claim may be denied if you get into an accident while working for DoorDash or similar companies but don’t have the appropriate insurance. You’ll be stuck with the medical and property damage bills.

If you drive for DoorDash without the proper coverage and your carrier finds out, it may cancel your policy.


Do I need special insurance for DoorDash jobs?

There is no specific insurance for DoorDash, but you will need to speak to your provider to ensure you’ll be covered. This may increase your premiums through the anticipated added annual miles or add-on coverage.

Do I need business insurance on my car for DoorDash?

Yes. You need to have some kind of policy that covers you while you’re working for DoorDash. Without this, the insurance that DoorDash provides won’t kick in, as this only comes into effect after your insurance is exhausted.

Will personal car insurance cover food delivery?

No, it won’t. Personal car insurance doesn’t usually cover any business-related use. This includes food delivery. Your claim may be declined if you get into an accident while working for a food delivery service but do not have appropriate insurance.

What do I do if I’m in an accident while delivering food?

If you’re in an accident while delivering food, first of all, you should make sure that everyone is safe. Next, contact your insurance company as you would in any accident situation. Let DoorDash know what has happened when you’re able by completing their accident form.

What does DoorDash insurance include?

The policy provided by DoorDash includes up to $1,000,000 protection. It covers up to that amount in bodily injury and property damage. This only applies to third-party damage if the accident happened while you were active on a delivery.

Final Word For DoorDash Drivers

Standard insurance won’t cover you if you get into an accident while delivering for DoorDash or other food delivery services. Make sure you have appropriate cover, and as always, shop around for car insurance to ensure you get the best deal available.