Cheap Renters Insurance in Missouri for 2023

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Renters in Missouri aren’t legally required to obtain renters insurance, but it’s highly advisable. Renters insurance helps protect your personal property against wind storms, fires, theft, vandalism, and more. See how a renters policy can protect you and what you can expect to pay monthly premiums. 

What does Missouri renters insurance cover?

Missouri renters insurance helps cover a plethora of scenarios within your rental home. Let’s look at what you can expect as far as most general renters insurance coverages go:

Personal property coverage 

This type of coverage helps cover any replacement costs of personal items damaged in the event of a fire, covered water damage, theft, or more. 

Renters liability coverage

This coverage helps cover any expenses due to an injury or damages to guests visiting your home. Medical payments, court costs, and property damage are included in this coverage. This essentially helps prevent you from being sued and from having to pay for injuries out of pocket.

Loss of use insurance coverage

This coverage steps in if your home sustains any damage from a covered loss and is uninhabitable. This can help pay for temporary living situations, such as a hotel stay, should you require it. It also allows for additional living expenses like food expenses if you have to eat out due to not being able to cook within your home. 

Does the state require renters insurance?

The state of Missouri doesn’t require renters to carry renters insurance. But most landlords tend to need this coverage before you move in. Even if you’re not required to have coverage, getting insured is the best practice. 

Emergencies can happen at any time. Suppose one should strike while you live in your home. In that case, you could find yourself in a challenging position and needing to come up with large sums of money out-of-pocket to either cover an accident or injury with a guest or the cost to repair or replace items lost to a covered peril.

How to find affordable renters insurance in Missouri

When you’re ready to find affordable renters insurance in Missouri, your first step is to obtain quotes. You’ll want quotes from multiple carriers to ensure you find the best insurance rates. Rates vary depending on many factors, including your zip code, coverage limits, and your chosen company.

Missouri renters insurance prices 

While renters insurance is affordable for most, it’s slightly more expensive in Missouri than the national average. The average cost of renters coverage in Missouri will be around $189 annually, around $5 more than the average cost in the United States. 

Cities where renters insurance is the cheapest

CityAverage Premium
Jefferson City$177
Cape Girardeau$180

Renters’ coverage rates vary depending on the city in Missouri. The cheapest rates in the state are in Jefferson City, at around $177 per year. This works out to $115 less than Missouri’s average cost.

Affordable renters insurance companies in Missouri 

CompanyMonthly Premium
State Farm$138

One of the most significant factors in the cost of renters insurance is the insurance provider you choose to buy a policy through.

In Missouri, Safeco is the most affordable policy available. The average policy with Safeco costs renters around $130 per month, about 32% less than the state’s average renters insurance cost.

Cheapest renters insurance in Missouri

Cost is a significant factor in shopping for renters insurance. USAA is the most affordable company, costing the average policyholder around $84 annually. But, USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families. 

The next cheapest renters insurance company is State Farm, which has an average annual policy of $117. These rates are based on limits of $20,000 in personal property damage coverage, $100,000 in liability protection coverage, and a $500 deductible.  

Renters insurance that’s the best for most people

Lemonade is a newer insurance company, and it’s quickly turned into a fan favorite. It’s affordable, fast, easy to sign up, file insurance claims, and more. 

Purchasing a policy through Lemonade can be done right on their app, making it incredibly easy for many residents in Missouri.

Lemonade is an excellent choice for those who want basic policies and may not need additional options added to the policy. 

Fastest claims process

Once again, Lemonade comes in as another “best.” When it comes to claims processing, Lemonade beats other insurance companies.

Thirty percent of the claims filed with Lemonade are processed immediately. Some claims are processed in just mere seconds of being filed. 

Best optional coverages

Allstate offers the best coverage options for renters in Missouri.

Although your premiums may increase slightly with additional coverages, overall, it’s the most affordable way to go to ensure you’re completely protected against any covered peril that could come up.

When you add additional coverages, such as flood damage coverage, you can quickly and easily turn your basic insurance policy into a comprehensive policy. 

Best bundling discounts

State Farm offers Missouri residents the best insurance with bundling discounts. Often, policyholders can save money each month by bundling their renters insurance with their auto insurance policy. Not only is State Farm affordable, but they also offer a plethora of coverages. 

Renters insurance with the best for home business owners

Toggle renters insurance takes the cake for the best renters insurance for home business owners. Those who work at home understand the concern behind having work-related equipment and items in your home.

Should a fire break out, theft occurs, or anything else covered under your policy, you’ll be covered regarding any of your covered work-related items. 


How much is renters insurance in Missouri?

The average price of renters insurance is around $12 per month in Missouri. The national average is about $13 per month. Most renters policies range from $10 to $15 per month.

Do you need renters insurance in Missouri?

Renters insurance isn’t mandated by law. However, most landlords require renters insurance before allowing tenants to move in.

What is the cheapest renters insurance in MO?

The cheapest renters insurance is with USAA. The average policy through USAA costs members $84 each year. But, only current and former military members and family members qualify for this coverage. 

What does renters insurance cover in MO?

Missouri renters insurance covers personal property protection, personal liability, and loss of use coverage. The most basic policies help cover fire damage, theft, vandalism, medical expenses for guests injured in your home, and sometimes, water damage. Of course, you can always add even more coverage making your policy more comprehensive. 

Finding cheap renters insurance in Missouri

Obtaining cheap a renters insurance policy in Missouri can be a quick and easy process. We recommend getting renters insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies to ensure you find the most affordable rates.

We connect you with experienced licensed insurance agents who can help find the perfect renters policy for you and your budget and can do so in just minutes. When you’re ready to ensure your personal belongings are protected, we are here for you!

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