Cheap Renters Insurance in Pennsylvania for 2023

WRITTEN BY: Mark Romero

UPDATED: MAY 08, 2023 | 2 MIN READ

You need renters insurance if you rent in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, or anywhere else in Pennsylvania. Winter storms, tornadoes, and other severe weather can cause thousands in property damage costs for Pennsylvania residents, including renters. 

If your apartment or rental home suffers damage from natural disasters, your landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t cover the cost of your damaged belongings. It only covers building damage. If your landlord doesn’t require renters insurance, you may be left paying over $10,000 or more to replace your stuff. While the state doesn’t require tenant insurance for renters, it’s a worthwhile policy for protection in case of a natural disaster. Here’s why renters insurance in Pennsylvania should be at the top of your to-do list for your next move. 

What Does Pennsylvania Renters Insurance Cover?

A standard renters insurance policy includes personal property coverage, liability protection, plus additional living expenses or loss of use. Additional living expenses are associated with your temporary displacement, such as if you need a hotel room. The coverage applies only to your personal belongings and your liability, not the structure of the apartment or home.

Each tenant policy features covered perils or events, similar to a homeowners insurance policy. These events include:

Your renters insurance policy can cover your belongings if you’re not home, such as if an airline loses your bag or someone steals your laptop. 

Exclusions of a PA renters insurance policy

A policy for renters insurance doesn’t cover every possible event. Renters insurance exclusions include flooding, earthquakes, water backup, sinkholes, and bed bugs. Pennsylvania’s most common disaster is flooding, and a standard renters policy doesn’t cover flood damage. A tenant must buy a separate flood policy.

Does the state require renters insurance?

No. The state of Pennsylvania doesn’t require renters insurance. If you want to sign a lease with an apartment community or private landlord, it’s common to need a renters policy.  

How to find affordable renters insurance in Pennsylvania

If you want to shop for renters insurance in the Keystone State, consider how much coverage you may need. If you live in a busy apartment building with a higher theft risk, you might want to expand your coverage limits beyond the standard policy. Make a list of every valuable item that may need replacement or repair after a covered event, such as your clothing, shoes, laptop, and other items. 

After you complete your inventory, calculate the cost for replacement. You can then begin your search for a good renters insurance company in Pennsylvania. Your prospective apartment building or landlord may have a recommendation, or you can check if your auto insurance carrier offers a bundle discount. Insurance quotes can vary by carrier, so be prepared to compare rates.  

Pennsylvania renters insurance prices 

Pennsylvania’s average cost of renters insurance is $50 cheaper than the national average of $179 a year. Most renters insurance policy rates are less than $20 a year, but premiums vary based on the property, renter’s location, and amount of coverage. Whether customers want affordable insurance, good customer service, or fast claims, there are plenty of options among Pennsylvania’s insurance providers.

Cities where renters insurance is the cheapest

Not every city in Pennsylvania offers the same cheap rates for renters insurance. Philadelphia, the state’s biggest city, is the most expensive for a renters policy. Less than 100 miles away from Philadelphia, however, are some of the cheapest cities for renters insurance. 

CityAverage Premium

Affordable renters insurance companies in Pennsylvania 

Budget-conscious tenants can expect to spend around $6 to $10 a month in renters insurance rates. Penn National Insurance customers pay an average of $6 a month. USAA, an insurance company limited to military members and their families, is right in the middle at an average of $9 a month. 

CompanyMonthly Premium
Penn National Insurance$6
Donegal Mutual Insurance Company$9
Great Northern $12

Cheapest renters insurance in Pennsylvania

Penn National is a PA-based insurance company that offers the cheapest renters insurance in the state. One benefit for the company, in addition to its affordability, as the insurance agents have intimate knowledge of Pennsylvania, including its weather and common disasters. Penn National is a good choice for Harrisburg, PA, residents, and others who want an affordable local insurance company.

Renters insurance that’s the best for most people

Online provider Lemonade is one of the best renters insurance companies in Pennsylvania. If you want coverage quickly and at a price that won’t break the bank, Lemonade is the top choice. Lemonade offers a streamlined website and app but doesn’t have the personal touch Penn National provides.

Best renters insurance in Pennsylvania for the fastest claims process

Lemonade is known for its quick claims process. You submit claims through your phone, and the company boasts it handles 30% of its insurance claims instantly. The Lemonade AI determines claims’ legitimacy with anti-fraud detection software and pays out in seconds if it’s legit. If there are questions, it connects you to a human insurance agent. 

Renters insurance with the best optional coverages

Travelers feature a robust selection of additional coverage options. With Travelers, renters in PA can find optional coverage such as a decreasing deductible, identity theft, and coverage specifically for electronic equipment. You can also opt for personal property replacement costs, so any replacement costs for your belongings don’t include depreciation. 

Pennsylvania renters insurance with the best bundling discounts

Allstate stands out for its high bundle discounts, with up to 25% for a multi-policy discount for car and renters insurance. Other insurance companies only offer up to insurance discounts of up to 3% to 5% when you bundle car insurance. Allstate also features a renters and motorcycle insurance bundle that you can customize.


Who has the cheapest renters insurance in Pennsylvania?

Penn National Insurance offers the most affordable average rates for renters insurance in Pennsylvania at $69 a year or $6 a month. You may pay a different premium for tenant insurance, as carriers base premium rates on coverage limits, location, property type, coverage limits, and other home factors. 

How much is tenant insurance in PA?

The average cost for renters insurance in Pennsylvania is $124 a year, which makes the state one of the cheapest in the nation. Your insurance rate will vary; this is only an average. 

Do I need renters insurance in Pennsylvania?

No. There isn’t a state or federal law for renters insurance in Pennsylvania. Your landlord or rental company may ask you to purchase a policy as a condition of your lease agreement. 

Does renters insurance coverage in PA apply to my roommate?

Renters insurance only covers the policyholder. Your insurance policy must list your roommate as an additional named insured if they want coverage. 

Will my renters policy in PA cover flooding?

No. Standard renters insurance policies don’t cover flooding unless specifically included in the coverage options. Renters in flood-prone areas should purchase a separate flood insurance policy

Finding cheap renters insurance in Pennsylvania

If you have a new home, apartment, or loft in Pennsylvania, you need renters insurance, even if your landlord does not require it. A solid renters insurance policy will help you replace items after a disaster, and it’s a sound investment at less than $20 on average. If you want cheap renters insurance in Pennsylvania, consider requesting insurance quotes. We make it easy to compare coverage and premium costs so you can find the perfect policy for your needs. Get your insurance quotes now.