Molina Healthcare Health Insurance Plans for 2024

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Molina is driven by the belief that every individual, family, and community should have equitable access to top-notch healthcare, regardless of their circumstances. Their mission revolves around providing effective, dependable, affordable healthcare to those most in need.

Molina Healthcare’s holistic-centered approach and community-driven strategy are tailored to the unique requirements of its members. The company started as a single clinic in Long Beach in 1980, with the noble aim of rectifying disparities in healthcare access, and has blossomed into 19 healthcare plans spanning the nation. For over four decades, they have enhanced the lives of 5.1 million members nationwide by pioneering healthcare services exclusively for those under government-sponsored healthcare programs.

Molina Healthcare pros and cons

  • Competitive pricing
  • Heavy focus on wellness
  • Health and wellness discounts
  • Availible in less than 20 states
  • Limited coverage to government-sponsored programs

Health insurance review


Molina exclusively offers Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) health insurance plans, a common practice among healthcare providers. While this might limit choices for some individuals, it can be a valuable tool for accessing healthcare services.

The company provides a range of health insurance options, including minimum coverage to platinum plans, available in most states. These plans, all HMOs, vary from state to state.

All of its healthcare plans include federally mandated preventative care services. Additionally, they cover family planning services, pediatric vision, pediatric dental, home healthcare, and preventative prescription drugs without factoring in the deductible.

Molina’s health plans encompass mental health services for both in-patient and out-patient care, rehabilitation and habilitation services, skilled nursing care, durable medical equipment, and hospice care.

It’s important to note that using out-of-network providers may incur higher costs, as health insurance coverage is determined by network eligibility. Remember that how medical services are covered can vary depending on the chosen plan. Due to these variations, consumers should research to ensure their health insurance aligns with their needs and preferences in this evolving healthcare landscape.

Health insurance policies offered through Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare stands at the forefront of health insurance providers in the United States, delivering an extensive array of plans tailored to cater to the diverse requirements of individuals and families. These policies encompass all-encompassing coverage encompassing medical, dental, and vision care, along with valuable prescription drug benefits

Their health insurance plans are meticulously crafted to offer reassurance and security to individuals and families, ensuring their well-being and financial stability.

Molina Healthcare value value-added benefits

Molina Healthcare includes value-added benefits in their plans; remember that plan benefits can vary, but below are some available benefits.

  • Eyeglasses through Zenni Eyewear
  • Boys and Girls Club membership
  • Medically tailored meals from FarmboxRx
  • Technology gifts and discounts
  • Molina Lifestyles program

Rewards program

You can earn rebates and rewards through the following programs earning you rewards dollars for:

  • Well-child rewards
    • Receive up to $75 for well-child checkups, immunizations, and follow-up visits for ADHD. Enjoy no-cost sports physicals when conducted during a well-child visit.
  • Women’s health rewards
    • You can receive as much as $125 upon completing breast and cervical cancer screenings. You can receive as much as $125 upon completing breast and cervical cancer screenings.
  • Well-care rewards
    • Receive up to $75 for regular check-ups, preteen vaccinations, and chlamydia screenings.
    • Earn $25 for completing your diabetic screening.
    • Get $25 for completing your diabetic eye examination.
  • Maternity support and rewards
    • Receive up to $150 for prenatal and postpartum physician appointments and a complimentary breast pump through Aeroflow. Additionally, enjoy free prenatal vitamins.

What you need to apply for a Molina health insurance policy

To prepare for applying for a Molina Healthcare insurance policy, it’s recommended to have specific information readily available. This proactive step will streamline the application process and expedite the acquisition of the required coverage.

  • Personal information
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Contact information
  • Current health
    • Medications
    • Doctors
  • Subsidy qualifications
    • Employment information
    • Income information


Is Molina Healthcare under the Affordable Care Act?

Molina Healthcare is a rapidly expanding Fortune 500 company specializing in Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance coverage. Their mission is centered around aiding underserved individuals, with a particular emphasis on those who require assistance, government-funded programs, and tax credits available through the ACA.

What states does Molina Healthcare offer ACA plans?

What kind of health insurance plans does Molina Healthcare provide?

Molina offers U65 ACA plans for individuals and families and Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans in several states nationwide.

Compare Molina health insurance policies

When selecting a health insurance policy, thoroughly comparing your choices is crucial. Molina Healthcare provides various health insurance options to accommodate various requirements and financial considerations. These options span from comprehensive coverage, including doctor visits and prescription medications, to more straightforward plans focusing on essential healthcare services.

To compare health insurance plans, complete our online request form or contact us by phone. We’ll assist you in exploring the top health insurance coverage available in your area.

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